• Our traditional CS Berlin gathering for meeting new people and old friends, talk about everything and anything... bla bla bla....

    Now, here comes the less pleasant part: last week there was an open bill left of over 33 €. I sent messages to all people signed up to the event, yet only one person admitted that he forgot to pay for his 2 beers. That's all. What about the others?? People who left without paying, and then ignoring my message?!? Honestly, after all the efforts I've been doing to organize these events, it's like a slap into my face. Right now I'm having a hard time trusting the CS community as a whole.

    Now, this week I will ask everyone to donate 1 € in order to cover the costs I had to carry. It won't kill anyone, and it will at least partly help me to cover the expenses. I'm not happy about it, but I see no other choice. It's voluntary though, so you don't have to do it if you don't want to, everyone is welcome.

    No matter if you're a local or a traveler, a CS newbie or a CS pro, whether you're looking for companions for sightseeing or just wanna have a beer after work – join us for a drink, a chat and a laugh at the CS Weekly Wednesday Meeting!

    Hi, I am new to Berlin, I remember CS meeting at other place, we go to a nice bar with nice bar stools, so CS people moves around easily and make the effort to talk and get to know each other, we also have little name tags, so we all get to know each other, (the bars here in Berlin are really nice with couches, sofas, but it is too comfortable and not many people want to get up and talk and social with each others.) If we get to know each others better, we would know the names of each others, in terms of leaving without paying, it is easier to identify these freeloaders.

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    Anna, I will cover the rest of the tab, just let me know how much it is. I am sure it will come back around to me in the end. I can't make it to the meeting this Wednesday, but next Wednesday (the 20th) I will make it out. Look forward to meeting you. Cheers.
    Vero: thanks! Tomorrow is gonna be my last meeting for a long while though :-/

    Casey: thank you very much for your offer :). I would rather hope that many people come tomorrow and give 1 €, it's not a big sum for anybody... Though for now it doesn't look too good, only 6 people signed up, including myself... And, like I said above, I'm not gonna organize further meetings, tomorrow is gonna be my last one for a while :S.

    Laura: thanks, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! :)
    Anna, the offer stands. As I said unfortunately I can't make it out tomorrow, but I will cover the balance that you don't raise from people tomorrow night. I also agree that you should not foot the bill for people who skipped out. For me, it seems like this would give me some good CS karma. I am fairly new to the community so it might come in handy. If you are interested message me and maybe we can meet at another CS event or something. Cheers.
    Good idea, Angelo! :)

    Casey: thanks :)
    CS event tonight, fabulous free cool photos for everyone, my camera will be there for you if you want to have photos taken, address nice, bring friends, help with the donation voluntary :)
    As I said before I wasn't there last week but I am going this week to give you money. I know what it is like, I got stuck with a bill more than once. It's annoying.

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