• Photography workshop, Professional Photo shoot, free for creatives, models, actors, fashionista networking

    Hi, I am new in Berlin, therefore, I am happy to teach photography, and photograph people to make new friends, I am looking for positive, confident, like minded, people with similar interests. It is free, no money involved, it is like a couch request, because I am not running a business, just here to network.

    The workshop and photo shoot is for free, because I have nothing to do during the day (Only for Canon or Nikon DSLR) I am available during the day, therefore, I could use some practice to keep myself sharp.

    You can see my photos here, my work photo album speaks for itself.

    Workshop lesson plan ----------------------------------------------

    If you wish to learn - how to use you digital SLR camera,

    MY workshop will be on basic technical operation.

    =>> how to use your DSLR in "Manual" M mode, so you take control and get comfortable with your camera.

    The lesson plan is structured like below

    1. figure out all the dials and buttons on your camera (only for Canon and Nikon).

    2. light meter inside your camera (how to read your viewfinder light meter)

    3. exposure (why some photos are dark and some photos are very bright)

    4. apertures (what is F2.8 F5.6 F10)

    5. shutter speed (what is 1/125 1/2000, why sometimes people are blurred in the photo)

    6. how to combine (light meter) with ( apertures) with (shutter speed) to take a photo in full manual mode.

    7. depth of field (street fashion and portrait camera setup)

    8. ISO sensitivity (how to take photos in low light condition at night)

    9. white balance (how to take photos under white fluorescence tube and yellow incandescent tube)

    The teaching material is based from Digital Photography Technique magazine Autumn 2008 by ICP media. so bring an USB memory stick.

    This workshop will not cover a). art photography composition, b). using flash lights in der disco, c). studio lighting set up.

    I do not teach Art Photography, because some say, for Art Photography, "You either have the eye for it, or you don't"

    The workshop will be about 1-2 hours depends on your ability.


    would it be ok if everyone writes to me a bit about themselves? So i can group people and set dates.

    Some of you will be one-one or in group of 2.

    you will get priority, if you already are good at the basic and wanting to advance further because your study or work is related to taking better photos.

    If you just bought a camera, just wanting to learn more, please wait because some people need this workshop more than you :)

    If you can either 1.)show me some of your work or 2) tell me how long you have been taking photos. Or 3) you want to meet up talk about photography

    advanced photographer maybe a tailor suited lesson. I hope everyone can understand its just easier via CS mail

    Hi, everyone, i cannot make everyone like me, so if someone reports my post as commercial advertising, there is nothing I can do, I just want to say, I taught about 6 people about photography on CS for free, they had great time, only positive reviews.

    I am not running a business and I am not a spam. I am a good person, and I gave back to the CS community.

    --------------------- Too long, did not read --------- short version

    I teach how camera works,
    1) We photograph tea cups and apples for you to learn your camera in full manual mode

    Photo shooting
    2) if you want to model for portraits, please write to me, so we can work on the concepts.

    you want to be a portrait photographer
    3) bring a friend to model for you, so I can teach you how to photograph people.


    Great initiative:) I could join. I ll write you more via CS mail.
    I only have two speedlights at the moment because i am traveling, i dont have light stands & tripods,

    so someone has to hold my speedlights for me :)

    Hi Kevin - i bought myself a camera a Nikon and I need some help because I am an absolute beginner. I am free the entire day today!
    i need some portrait photos of me and would like to be a model for someone
    Yeah, Kaarina. i remember you. I just moved back to Wedding, Seestr. 5mins from you again.
    I would like to volunteer and learn. Unfortunately I don't have a camera at the moment so I don't know how much I can really participate but hearing your tips would be great. I already know about some of the rules of photography but, understandably, enabling the grid on my cellphone camera does only a little bit to help me better compose my shot. :)
    Hi Mark. Come to artist meet up in Schoneberg on Sunday. Over there you can learn photography and composition and talk about photography and tips.

    I just taught Silva the graphic designer and Odessay the French photographer student, all the people i have taught are all only ONLY doing the technical practicals, i cant really show you anything without your camera. My workshop means workshop, the real practice 2hours fundamental practicals. We dont talk, we do and we accomplish.

    I'd be happy to join u guys :)

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.