• Hello Csurfers,

    if someone can advice/help me:

    I just had to forcibly format Operating system(Windows 7) drive and had to install a new Windows 7, however with that my entire data is lost now.

    I know there are some ways to retrieve all formatted data back. Has someone ever used them? which are they? Of course I prefer a free software.

    Any help for me?


    This is regardless of the 1st question asked above,
    is it possible to actually retrieve data from the hard disk before formatting, given no safe mode or other options are available. I can only use the command prompt when using the repair my computer (WIN RE)

    My recovery drive seems not to correct my boot manager.

    Any help in this case, someone can assist. I can offer you a drink as well.

    Looking forward to your replies.



    The answer to your question is possibly, it depends where your data was stored and where you installed your new Windows (you can't answer these questions, don't worry!).

    I have some pretty good software which I purchased several years ago that has saved a lot of data in several cases, however it's mostly a matter of "luck" on how much you get back. If you bring me your drive and if possibly an external drive (i also have a few extras lying around that i can use and lend you) where I can restore the data to, then I can run it over night (it takes many hours to scan)

    If i am unable to restore any data, basically your only alternative is to use a data recovery service which will charge you ~500+ euro to restore it. There is at least once service in Wien which will see if it's possible to restore any data without charging, but if you want to restore it, they will then charge you for the operation - i don't have the name of the companies offhand but i can look them up.

    To your 2nd question:
    Yes - and you should have done so before installing a new OS. As my warning above states, everytime you write ANY data to your drive, you reduce your chances of recovering any previously existing data.
    and btw you don't have to write data explicitly, just booting up Windows writes a lot of data (e.g. swap file, registry, etc) all over the place, which is why i said to stop using your computer if you want to have better chances of restoring data.
    Hi, thanks a lot for your reply. Can I speak to you on phone now and explain it well.

    Or you just can give me missed and I will call you back.

    +43 68120 484 685

    Thanks again.

    I can call later but here's a tip for the meantime:

    Start Universal USB Installer program.
    Select Ubuntu 32-bit.
    Have it download it for you (or download it manually).
    Then, install that to your USB stick.
    Boot up off your USB stick.
    Now you should be able to read your HDD and back up your data to another drive :)
    Okay, I'm gonna start doing this in few minutes. But do you mean I should put an empty USD stick with no other data but the Start Universal USB Installer program? Or has it has to be with the Windows 7 OS in the USB stick?

    just use the same USB stick. after you're done backing up your data with Ubuntu, you can use the Universal USB Installer to put the Windows 7 OS back on again.
    I'm really not getting it. I badly need someone to actually have a look at it or someone I can speak to. Kindly allow me. pls.
    Hi, it worked, I did my back up the way you said. It really works.

    Thanks a lot man. Now I will install a new version of Windows 7.

    I really have to invite you for a beer, would you be interested. Keep me noted. Thanks.
    hey great news! :)

    no beer necessary, it didn't take me more than 5 minutes to give you advice and you did all the hard work (and also i don't drink beer *g* ;)
    Glenneroo, would you know how to check physically a laptop here in Vienna and see if it can be repaired or at least recover the data on the hard drive? It seems that a fall my first day in Vienna trying to ride the train from the Airport might have damaged it, although it failed three days later while I was working on a paper. She was old but she was so faithful and though... Now the BIOS is not appearing when it's turned on. I followed this thread and became aware of you. I haven't taken it to a PC repairment place here because I don't speak German and they don't take credit cards everywhere... that might need some explanation: I cannot pay you in cash because there are foreign currency restrictions in my country to get the money from a foreign ATM, but I could buy you something(s) with my credit card as a payment or as barter according to your estimated value of services if you could or would help me... I already bought another computer, but I need what was (university papers and applications) in my ol' faithful, I didn't back it up to my portable hard drive on time...
    Sure just bring me the HDD (or laptop) and i'll take a look at it. Or maybe easier/more convenient would be just to meet me somewhere and i'll bring it home. Data repair can take a loooong time. If i can't get the drive to work, then i will have to freeze it overnight in a waterproof bag and then try again the next day.

    Also bring a portable HDD to back the data up on to (assuming it works). Do you know if the drive is IDE or SATA? If you don't know, can you tell me the laptop model number then i can look it up.

    I'll send you meet-up details in a private message.
    Also, I wanted to share some information:

    If at all, someone has lost data from external hard drive or have formatted his/her external hard drive mistakenly and wished to get back all that is lost.

    I found this cool software of which I have its, .exe ( software package) which anyone wants, I can send over.


    Good luck. And thanks a lot Glenneroo.


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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.