• Hi,

    I am Brazilian, from Sao Paulo and I will be moving to Radnor in the end November. Now I am spending some time in Netherlands.

    I use to teach Portuguese at University of Florida and i have plenty of materials to use and recommend. I can teach different levels.

    Because of the distance would be nice to organize a small group of students. So let me know if you are interested and we can make this work. (please inform your location and availability)

    Ooh, I am interested. One of my friends from University is a Brazilian teacher (of science/anatomy) and I went down to visit him in Belo Horizonte for a few weeks. I had an amazing time, but would love to improve my Portuguese.

    My schedule will be weird. I live in NJ but work across the bridge in Camden/Cherry Hill/etc so on weekdays after work I could head into Philadelphia (anywhere, but close to the PATCO stations preferred) and weekends I could just drive into the city.

    My schedule also changes every 4 weeks, so in December-January I should be fairly free, but once everyone else starts replying, or once it is the end of November, I can better let everyone know my availability.

    Thanks for this Felipe!
    I thought I had posted an answer before, but I probably hit an wrong button to post it...

    Well, first thank you for your interest, its very cool that you already visited Brazil, and Belo Horizonte is a nice place, I lived there for few months in 2008.

    What I was thinking is to try to form a small group, I will be living in Radnor (close to a train station) so would be easy for me to go to town or even meet somewhere else (I dont know the area very well so I will ask my wife what would work better). Also with a small group i can actually plan activities that would help in the learning process. And also I could determine a smal,l but fair compensation, considering commute (mine and yours) and time.

    I dont know many people so if you could spread the word, would be awesome. I am asking some people in my family to see if they can help with that too!

    Lets keep in touch!
    Thank you again!
    I would also be interested. Scheduling is tough for me but if it was a regular thing I would come whenever possible. Radnor is fine. Or Philly.
    Hey Ryan,

    Thank you for your interest! I will keep you posted, I believe that with a couple more people it will be easier to plan a schedule and location!

    If you guys know anyone else you can also provide my email for contact, so they dont need to sign in here.


    If you guys can send me an email with your contacts will be great!

    Thank you!

    Thank you for your interest, do you mind sending me an email with your contacts (email and phone).
    I think that most of the people interested will be near center city, so I will try to find a place easier for everyone.
    Later I will try to organize everything, schedule, location, also I need to check the current level of portuguese of everyone, to make it work!
    Thank you again and I will keep in touch!
    Oi Michael,

    Me envia um email com seus contatos para que possamos combinar algo. Me parece que seu portugues ja e muito bom para o nivel das pessoas interessadas nas aulas, mas podemos planejar alguma coisa.

    Tambem vi pessoas tentando organizar um grupo de conversacao, que pode ser uma boa oportunidade tambem!


    It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.

  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.