• Hello everyone!

    I would like to start to climbing but i have no idea where to find a nice climbing gym in Budapest. I checked some websites but apparently i couldn't find so many informations about the price and how the gyms are. Is there any someone here who can give me some infos about it? Thank you in advance.



    I have found you na couple. http://www.spiderclub.hu/falmaszas/edzes/felnott-edzes

    The price is 5500HUFthats around 25 USD

    Here i send you more a couple link.

    Hopefully it will help you to find one.


    The 5500 Huf for 10 times (550huf/day)
    (hello, i know spiderclub - there is a really good "boulder-room", and you can try out several "ways" in it. if you are around XVI. district come to Gi-club it's a kind of "homely" place -> i mean incredibly small...so have a nice climbing!bye)
    Tis, I believe is the cheapest place in town http://www.maszobirodalom.hu/arak
    Merhaba yagmur
    yarin bende budapeste te olacagim, sen ordamisin hala ?
    musait olursan gorusebiliriz.

    iyi gezmeler, iyi eglenceler...

    Thank you very much guys, you helped me a lot. I'll check all of them. If you want to join me sometimes, you're welcome. Cheers!

    The BME Gym is not bad but its pretty small. It's worth checking out Spider, has both sport climbing and bouldering. The 5500 FT is for trainings only the dailyprice is 1.600,- Ft or 10time pass 14.000,- Ft . http://spiderclub.hu/falmaszas/info/arak

    BiggWall is the newest. I haven't been there yet , but its supposed to be pretty good:
    1600 FT or 13000 FT for 10times http://www.bigwall.hu/

    For bouldering Mountex is quite nice that Linda mentioned. 1000 FT in the evenings. There is Ujjero which is the other bigger boulder place http://www.ujjero.com/blogrol/arak/

    Maszobirodalom is a smaller gym:

    I was at the Spider Club last week. It was superb! Team over there is very helpful and they have walls for different levels. :) Definitely recommended!
    @ Carlos: Hey Carlos! Short notice, but I'll be going bouldering this afternoon to mountex., around 2:30. you're welcome to join if you want.


    Hi! you can go to the Spider Club ( they organize some courses for beginners to) for climbing and also Mountex is more for bouldering. I will go to mountex tomorrow at 10 if someone wants to join just let me know. There's also a fb group for climbers in Bp where is easier to find people, write me an inbox if you want me to add you or if you wanna join any day :)

    I've never been to Ujjero, but I heard about it, any recommendations?
    Best climbing place: http://www.bigwall.hu/ :)
    Bolulder club: http://boulder.mountex.hu/
    See U there! :)
    www.bmefitness.hu/ This is one of the cheapest in the city, but it is really good

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