• I'm Japanese sushi chef who plan to open restaurant in Europe.
    How do you think Japanese Food in Budapest?
    People like to eat or is there some popular japanese restaurant?
    and What kind Japanese food they like?
    I'll visit to Budapest from Mar 20 .
    This is my first time to visit to Hungary & Budapest.

    I wanna see local people living there. If you interesting Japanese culture or food,
    Lets meet up :)

    Hey Toshi,
    I'm not a native here, but I've been living here for a while, and I think Hungarians do like sushi. There are a few popular Japanese restaurants in Budapest. But in general, I think the quality of Japanese food here is not very good.
    Hi Toshi,
    I will be very happy if you open one :) There are many expensive sushi places, with not the best quality. And there's one which I like, called "Okuyama No Sushi" (at Kolosy tér), with perfect food and poor interior.
    To go to a sushi place is still a snobish or classy thing for Hungarians. And it would be good to have more places, and we could eat there not only on feast-days :)

    I personally love Japanese cuisine! I've been to Japan last summer, so there we could try it with my friends, and I like most of the food.
    It's getting really popular here, but Japanese restaurants are among the more expensive ones, so most of the people cannot afford it.
    Here are the popular ones:
    - Wasabi (http://www.wasabi.hu/index.php?page=homerun&lang=en)
    - Nobu has just opened recently
    - Fuji
    but to tell the truth, I haven't been to a Japanese restaurant at Budapest yet.
    We have since long time japanese restaurants in Budapest. Sushi send a company (Laguna) aulso to hous.
    Hey Toshi!

    Great idea! If you open a restaurant I will be your first client!

    I think european love japanese food, but the japanese food in Europe is very often not as good as real one we can find in Japan. So, if there is real Japanese chef in Europe he should have a lot succes!

    What about trying to open an Izakaya? If you do this I promise I will come to diner every evening! :)
    please open one here! an authentic sushi place :)
    Hi, I wouldnt mind talking abou this, have a few ideas of my own.
    Its a good idea :) there are lot of places to eat sushi, but very few to have REAL ones :) i recommend to open a small shop somewhere in the center, it may cost You more, but it will surely run! Also think about making ramen, its almost impossible to find good ones. And i want to eat nikuman!!! :D
    Yes, it is a great idea! I will be your third customer! Make sure you also open a small japanese conbini next to it, where we can buy onigiri, natou, johny tofu, manju, kirin biru, edamame, bentou, cc-lemon, ... etc... it will start the perimeter of japn town in Budapest :-)
    Thank you for many reply.
    Japanese food (mostly sushi) is expensive in Budapest.
    but they want to eat if fair price...
    Sounds like Japanese restaurant in budapest is not bad idea.

    So people go to japanese restaurant , because of healthy ?
    or fashion? or taste? so...what kind occasion?

    and Do you like other japanese food, Udon, tempura, Ramen, yakitori...?(Japanese noodle or tapas)
    I think the reason depends really on the person. Personally I like it because it's more organized I guess than what I'm used to and I really like the combination of the different flavours.
    I know it's cliché but e.g. I love wasabi, and it would be nice to be able to buy it at a fair price here at Budapest as well.

    I really like ramen, I had a really nice one in Kyoto. :)
    Hi Toshi!
    Wonderful idea! You have your 4th guest.
    Even though I think there are in Bp many different sushi places, here a recent article http://welovebudapest.com/en/restaurants-bistros/articles/2012/11/13/get-some-sushi-in-budapest

    But authentic and reasonable Japanese restaurants or noodle or ramen places much less...

    Good luck!
    oh noooo please don't look at the we love budapest article :D those places are not good at all! One of the best places for sushi in Budapest is Okuyama no sushi, run by Okuyama san ^^ but its not in the center and its also a bit expensive.

    I have a lot of friends, who were already in Japan, are japanese, or just love the japanese kitchen, and we all struggle with the choices of restaurants in Budapest. Either its very expensive (and you can't really afford them), or too far away from the city center. Btw, Takebayashi is also very good, but its also a bit expensive.

    Toshi, maybe you should check out the website for Takebayashi :P but there is none for Okuyama san's restaurant. http://www.takebayashi.hu/
    Konnichi wa Toshiya San, o genki desu ka?

    I would appreciate a lot to have a new Japanese restaurant. There are a few in Budapest but the good ones (Fuji restaurant, sushi sei ) are very very expensive , especially for locals. There are of course wealthy Hungarians and foreigners too so you should decide what type of clients you are in mind.

    As I lived in Japan I know that Japanese cuisine is much more then sashimi or sushi , and you have to think that as a landlocked country there won't be fresh sea fishes available.
    Hungarians would also like ramen, or meat dishes like. For example teppan yaki, ramen as mentioned before . Yaki soba , udon well probably not so much. But good luck in case of real interest I would enquire more .
    Wlecome!! And I can help you with restaurant-business issues! Regards, Sandor
    Hi! There are some, but only a few of good quality. I think Hungarians have the need for good and escpecial food. What you also have to take into consideration that economically the country is not too strong.
    If you like we can speak personally as well; I like sushi and one of my best friend is a passionate of Japanese food and culture :)

    Hi, Everyone.
    Thank you for many reply and I'm happy to talk with all you guys.
    So,I just arrived in Budapest now.
    And I plan to stay until 24th in budapest, so far.

    I really want to talk with all and want some advise for my project.
    Do you wanna have meeting in Budapest Mar 21th or Mar 22th?

    Lets have some coffee or drink and talk :)

    Is there any good place to meet? maybe afternoon?
    anyone please give me idea! (I'm no idea here!)

    Hmmm my fav place here in Bp is Most :) http://www.facebook.com/mostbisztro

    Its in the city center, the prices are somewhere in the middle (means u can have cheaper and expensive stuffs as well). But as for the time and date I will leave it open :) but i would suggest around 6 pm for those, who are working :) I would love to meet and chat with everyone! ^^
    for me totally good, although maybe ill be running a bit late (have meeting at 4, dunno how long it takes) but i will be able to find u guys in Most :D
    I'm fine about place & time.
    And the date is
    Mar 21, Mar 22, Mar 23 is also O.K.
    I'll be open that 3days (between 4-7p.m.)
    Up to you-guys.
    It's nice if many people join!
    And you can also send me message , if we can meet in Budapest! http://www.facebook.com/toshiya.tsujimoto
    How about to have the meeting at 22th March? We should wait a bit more for people to notice the message with the meeting details.
    Good idea, Mar21 is too soon.
    Lets make it Mar 22 or Mar 23.
    Lets wait until tomorrow and see how many people responds, and than decide the date ^^
    Please let me know Mar 22 or Mar 23.
    And time you can join(probably between 4-6?)
    I think place is ok but if you have better idea, please write.
    Most is a cool place!

    I might be able to come Saturday 23 evening and maybe with 2 japaneses friends
    Friday works for me too!
    hi, i personally work in Nobu Budapest and i love sushi..if u need infos on opening a sushi bar just let me know.
    So, Friday from 5p.m. at Most.
    How about it?
    I'll be in Most from 17:30 today,
    Let me know if you arrived,
    Probanly find me is not difficult.
    I guess Asian is not many there ;p
    Say me [Kon ban wa! Toshi]
    Good idea, but I think you need some market reasearch.

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