• Hey everyone, residents of Cairo and travelers of Egypt.

    I'm heading to Egypt at the end of Jan and planning on travelling around for about 20 days. I'm starting at Sharm el-Sheikh and leaving the rest for life to decided.

    I would like to see Cairo, Luxor and Aswan and if any travelers are planning on making the same journey to these places at some stage and would like partner in crime for the journey to them or at them please let me know. Oh and if there are activities or cool places that you think are a must do please let me know as well as group bookings are more fun and typically cheaper :)

    And if any residents want to help out or meet that would be great. As that is the whole point of travelling - to meet the people who make their slice of the world amazing.

    I'm open to suggestion, advice and humour
    hey dion.

    Im looking for travel buddy for luxor & aswan too. but, im arriving in cairo on the 12th Feb. if its too late for you, then have fun in egypt :)

    Hey Hesham, thank you for the link. It's a really good page and is giving me so many ideas on wat I would love to see :) Thank you - I think I will have to add Alexandria to my travels somewhere :)

    Hello Jaja, I am thinking of chilling out in Sharm el Sheikh for a while. I have a flexible schedule so its quite possible to meet up and do it. Do you have a plan or time limit? - Feel free to private message me if you want to :D
    hey dion ,,, my name is mak . im from egypt .cairo.
    i stay by my self and i travel a lot . im 24 years old . i live near to the pyramids and egyptian museum . i speak very good english because my ex girl friend from u.s
    any way . if you are looking for hosting person. we can meet up
    Sounds great Mak, once I have got bit more of a plan of when I am getting to Cairo I will either join or organize a drinks night(or day) or something :D
    Hi, I am also coming to Cairo on 28th and will be thr till 1st Feb (Fri)... would b good if we can plan together (also with Mak).... specially for Fri (1st)
    Hey Dion,

    I've pm you :)

    see ya
    im up for a drinks night or day
    Welcome To Your Second Home Egypt ,I Hope You Enjoy Your Trip
    Hello Sam, Osama and Jennifer, I look forward to meeting you when I get to Cairo. Hope everything is good there. I never know how much to believe when it comes to the media, but in any case hope everyone is safe :\

    I will be in Sharm el Sheikh as of Monday and will chill out there and try to plan everything from there to meet everyone and see everything :)

    Haven't even organised a place to stay yet :)
    Hello Dion,
    Welcome to your second homeland Egypt
    I would like to meet up with you show you around Cairo
    :) my no is 01004032450
    just post when are where hang outs gonna be at
    safe trip
    Thank you Mohey and Sam I will post when I am in Cairo :)

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