• Hey my fellow travellers!

    I am in Cairo for a couple of more days and since I have been here before I am looking to see something different this time. There is a Christian area in Cairo where the Zabbaleen people live. They survive on taking care of the wastes of their neighbourhood and also they raise pigs. I read about it a little bit on Wikipedia, but I would really love to go. According to my friend there is also a really nice church at the site, is anyone up for a small adventure? I want to do it during daytime, because at night I hans out with my friend (who works in the day). Ma3 salama, inshallah hear from you soon.. ;)
    Hello Terèse
    well, I know Coptic Cairo but not very well, but of course I know the church, it's called the Hanging Church, one of the best, oldest places that u mustn't miss, also in Coptic Cairo there's Jewish neighborhood where's prophet Moses has been picked up by Pharaoh, so it's really amazing area, but I don't know much about Zabbaleen Area, but we shall ask about it, so
    if u want really to have unforgettable time, u should make a tour in Coptic Cairo and Islamic Cairo at the same day, and I am free until next Saturday so, it's my pleasure to make this tour for u, and I am little bit good guide in Islamic Cairo :)
    so let's be in touch :)
    I have sent you a message regarding this.
    you better ask one of your local friends to escort you there don't go there alone
    @mohammed Gad the place that she is talking about is not the coptic cairo or the hangging church . she is talking about Manshiet nasr area there a church there

    they call it El zabaleen area because of the people who collect it live there

    I'm so much interested but guises zabakeen are not poor at all , they look poor but they use it in recycling process , I will be interested but it's nothing to see there but rubbish and as a forgin I'm not sure it's gonna be a nice experience lol but I'm in
    @Mustafa, Thnx my friend for explanation :)
    Hi terese
    I hope that u r enjoying ur time here
    And about zabaleen area. It's amazing area and amazing monastery there. I used to go there and I did an event to zabaleen before
    This is my e mail : mina_wega007@yahoo.com
    E mail me or find me on fb by that e mail. Easier
    I was planning to go there wz some cs ers
    And if u wanna join. Let me know
    Have a great time
    hey first take care when be in this area . i know this area very well and if you need guide there as friend i am here contact with me any time
    hi Terese, i heard about it before, and i am looking to go there, if u want we can go there together and live this new experience
    I am in abdz ! lol good luck 4 us :P hit me back ..
    i will go there tomorrow mourning so if u like to join please contact me or call me at 01224577565

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