• Hi All,
    I live in Mombasa and am looking to head to Cairo during the Kenyan election period when the school I teach at has holiday (March). Solo woman in Cairo - I'm assuming this isn't a huge deal? I mean, safety is important and caution always needs to be taken, but I should still come, right? Just checking.
    heyy how u doing :) am waiting you here i will show u cool places n do lots of stuff n yea its safe dun wrrry :) k
    Its safe don't worry about it ,it isn't a huge deal at all . once you come to Egypt you can attend on of the weekly meeting
    and they will arrange everything for you
    i think it would loads of fun and new experience for you...and i may say that its safe with no major issues although u should follow some normal guidelines for your safety, but nothing major or scary about that

    hope you enjoy it
    yes for sure u can come, its total safe don't worry at all
    oky that great i accept that i hope you contact with me before come
    you live in kenya so travel to Egypt is nothing,have a nice time in egypt you will like it.
    and you speak spanish thats very good coz "yo hablo espaniol" :)
    keep smiling
    mohamed nabil
    Hi, so far things are going quite well. I had many friends visiting from overseas and had good time, however, Cairo is very unpredictable so you must be careful in order to have a good time. it is preferable to have a local friend.
    Great. I figured it wouldn't be a big deal, but I don't know anyone that's been (!) so I wanted to check it out. I will DEFINITELY get in touch when I make it into town, and I'm incredibly excited. Thanks for your advice!
    I'm a lone traveler here. I just tried going for a walk around town alone. That failed so bad. It's not that you'll be physically and directly harassed, but it's there and it's annoying! I personally hated it and hate the fact that I can't walk alone without being harassed or asked for a "just chat" (among other things).

    I'd be careful if I were you.
    Sorry to make Cairo sound this awful, but that's just the way it is in most areas. It's completely the opposite in the "rich" parts of town like Zamalek and Nasr city, for example. But I'm really disappointed with the Down Town area.

    Have fun in Egypt!
    Lidsey..Welcome to Cairo in advance from a Cairene resident.
    Cairo is a safe place just avoid crowded places. Cairo is still safer than other cities where a lot of crimes are committed. Just come and enjoy your time. We are the CS community in Cairo will be more than happy to give your any help your want.

    Muhammed Taha
    Well yes you should come as it really is an amazing and interesting place but there are a few things you should consider, sexual harassment is a very real issue in Egypt and you will be sure to face it, men will annoy you and it does happen that they grab at you or invade your personal boundaries. I have been slapped on the behind before and much worse things have happened to my friends you can pm me if you need more details. Also you should be careful who you meet from cs, make sure they have had an account for a while and that they have references from other foreign women, not all are bad but there are a lot of guys on the Cairo cs who are only looking for one thing. Come but be on high alert at all times including when you are in taxis and on the metro. Also its pretty obvious but dress modestly it wont stop harassment but it may reduce it. I have lived here for over 3 years so have experience on the subject. Feel free to message me if you need any more details.
    i think we can meet and i will tell everything you do and if you lost or something i can help as i can ,, i'm from maadi BTW if you need something just contact me
    this is my number :) 01008205854

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