• Hi Everyone ,
    I m Ernest from France .
    I m planning to visit Egypte in 2 weeks for about 10 days .
    I would like to know what is the situation for safety in Cairo , south ( Luxor , Aswan)
    and east ( Sinai) Dahab etc ... is it safe to travel this places this days ?

    I have about 10 days before going to Jordan I would like to visit some historic site , a bit of desert and Oasis town and go scubadiving .
    Where do you advice me to go ?
    Thank you very much .

    Hello Ernest, no one can predict the situation with in 2 weeks but all I can say for Cairo away from the demonstrations it's safe, dahab is totally safe it's a small city with few number of people, Luxor and Aswan nothing heard in the news about them and they are very touristic don't think there would be problems there.

    I advice u with Luxor and Aswan for historic ancient sites, Cairo for historic sites also like Giza pyramids, national museum it's in tahrir square so depends on the situation there, Islamic and Coptic airs as well.
    For scuba diving it's dahab for sure with out any hesitation u can try diving in the blue hole, canyon, mory garden and light house , if u need any advice about scuba diving there ask me and good luck with ur trip
    I am tour operator
    Iwish i can help u
    That places you talk about my friend it is ok so far if you are kind of people like to take risk you will come and if you not then stay in your home better than for you
    day by day because not all of Egypt is safe nowadays so try to ask before u come by 2 or 3 days
    hi ernest
    i can help u when u com to oasis and i live there
    Thank you very much for your help . Probably a bit crazy question but i would like to understand more the situation before going there so What about South Sinai near Saint Catherine , no danger ? as i hold french passport and France is in war in north Mali I thought there may have some danger against french . Cheers
    actually Cairo is safe but not in tahrir square but all Cairo is safe but i think it's hard to go all this places in one time as between every place about 300 kilos :D so choose only 2 places or 3 and Go to it :D
    this dumb named aemad Alkatib .. cant even make a difference between men and women and he is talking about Egyptian men
    im working in tourism and if you would like any info about cairo
    im ready for that
    send message to me
    bonjour j espere que tous va bien
    dans 2 semaines qui sais?
    au caire loin du palais royal c est calm sinon ca va partou
    dans les oasis ca va toujours
    au sinai comme dahab et st.catherine ca va
    luxor et aswan c est calm
    si tu veux que je t aide dit moi
    je suis une guide francophone

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