• is there any one guys was in Bangkok recently or coming from Bangkok soon , i really wanna know more about life there .
    i will visit Thailand for work and pleasure but its my first travel ever \so i am little worry ,so is there any thing i should worry about ?

    can i find cs who can help me through first days , i feel like little , u know , confused ,
    thank you so much for your fast replay , but i still have one inquiry

    how i can go to phuket without using air plane
    i find it very charming and i want to spend tow or three days , but i prefer to go there by car so how much usually car rent cost in Thailand and is there other traveler would agree to join me to my trip ,and how i can find them , ,
    wow ,thank you so much and hope to be helpful for you about Egypt as you are for me about Thailand
    Don't Worry, You are going to Enjoy it There, you gonna suffer from Humidity and the rain season is coming soon
    Everything is Cheap there, driving there is definitely easier than driving in Egypt. Most of Thais can speak little English that can make you survive with using signs.
    Halal food is not available in Supermarkets. but you can still enjoy their Seafood and Vegi Food
    My advise! enjoy tons of massages.
    Let me know if you need to ask about something specific
    thank you so much for your replay ossama . i agree with you who can drive in egypt can drive any where ,

    i am there for mostly working shopping for wholesale goods but i am worry about arguing about price , do u think prices there are suitable for the Egyptian market .
    hahahah, yes i notice that in lot of people conversation about Thai ladies ,
    and i wont drive in Thailand , i rather enjoy the road that is why i do not want to take air flight to ketchup i want to see the road
    have u ever went to full moon party there , ?
    well i dont drink but i enjoy music also , so if i am going to phuket i want to know when full moon party exist in the island \
    i looked up but i found plenty . witch one is the original one .
    and is it by tickets or it free access?
    Bangkok = new york asia , cheap , taxi cheap ,food cheap accommodation is cheap , you can find every thing in bangkok ,history , religion , culture , entertainment , you can good to phuket by bus cheap but it will take about 23h traveling try to take a plane by 800 le , thier are about 10% of thai people is muslim ,you can find mosque thier but you will find alot of them in south like phuket , any thing try to ask me , i travel to thai for 3 times
    thank you Omar so much for ur replay i really plan to see most of Asia ,all culture .i just wanna survive my first travel in easy and pleasuring way

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