• Hey everyone!

    I'm visiting cape town with intention to stay. To feel it out and see if I like it I am looking for a backpackers where I can stay. I am a girl traveling by myself so I am looking for a location where it would be safe for me to be able to walk to and from.

    Any suggestions?
    Long Street Backpackers or
    Carnival Court Backpackers
    Cape Town Backpackers, its close to Long Street in a safe area
    Agreed with Janina,
    Then again, depends on your definition of safe, if you like gunfights, barfights, knifefights, dogfights and poetry there's always Parow and Bellville.
    You will be safe at the back packers suggested. When other couch surfers came to Cape Town they often stayed at: http://www.capetownbackpackers.com/
    It is close to town and safe. I have never been to the ones suggested but I suggest doing a google search on each name, but I have heard they are very cool!

    im going to cape town next week by myself as well. if you want we can meet us and discover CT together. send me a message if you are interested. :)
    The above backpackers is great.

    If you looking for some other suggestions try http://www.coastingafrica.com/ , its the guide I normally travel with in Southern Africa. If there any specific places you planing on going in CT, I could suggest something in that area for you.

    Two other suggestions, also on long street: http://penthouseonlong.com/ http://carnivalcourt.co.za/
    I booked a place! Thanks everyone for your help! I should be in CapeTown this upcoming monday and if I like it I might just stay for a few years ;)

    Hey there! I will be living in CT for the next 5 months, joining a volunteer project. Im travelling alone too..so feel free to send a mesage and count on me to discover the city :)
    hi Jani,
    I can give you a lot of advices, but CPT is very safe.
    i am organising Yoga& Hikes ( with climbing ) in Cape Town up Lionshead and Table Mountain. I am not using the tourist routes, and i am doing Yoga on the Mountains :)
    If you are interested please check my FB Page: Yoga& hike or my webpage: www.inmotion-sd.com.
    Let me know if you are interested .)
    I know this is a bit late but for future people checking I recommend the Atlantic Point Hostel. It's just off Somerset Road in Greenpoint which is in my opinion a safer and quieter alternative to Long Street and just as central (also closer to the beach).
    Hi Jani. If your intention is maybe to stay in the long run. I completely agree with Dan. Greenpoint is a much safer and quieter alternative to Long Street. Also check out http://www.bigbluebackpackers.hostel.com/. It all very much depends on the type of experience you want

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