• Hi Everyone,

    I've hosted couch surfers for several years now (going onto my 8th year and counting this year) and have hosted people from all over the world, mostly from European countries (mostly Germany for some reason, lol..)

    The one question I have that really baffles me is this: How the heck do travellers as from as young as 19 to around 25 get the money to travel to as many as three or four countries and still have spending money on top of that?

    I mean...I've been to Russia recently, and in South African Rand, my return trip cost me just under R8,000 - excluding spending money during my stay, and that's excluding visa and passport costs. So I spent around R15,000 - R20,000 on a one-week trip and even then I was on a budget.

    So when you have a youngster that can travel to four countries in one itinerary, I'd imagine that they must've saved between R80,000 to R120,000 to make four trips possible? Any thoughts on this???
    Not really. One can get away with traveling at much less than that... I am in South America for 5 months on R50 000 including flights (to and around here), bus tickets, I also intend buying a motorbike to travel with some...
    Also take into account that the Euro and/or Pound are very strong currencies and that most Europeans do not need to pay for visas in many countries around the world.
    So it's not too much of a stretch to go traveling for a few months for them.
    I worked my ass off for 10 months in the mines in Australia, now, back home in Germany I'm planning trips and can't wait to spend all that money :) And safe a bit for later of course ;) But i normaly do it like that. Work hard for a certain amount of time and then have a little holiday again :)
    well, not all fly from SA on one trip and another afterwards maybe combining trips. Travelling around europe is much cheaper. 3000-4000R to russia, from 500-800R for popular destinations around europe (return tickets) if booked well.

    I paid around 300-400R for a russian visa and had my passport already.

    Surely there are some rich kids and maybe those stories just stick out.
    Good Question. I just came back from a 6 months trip through europe and it took me about 2 years to save up for it. I lived at home during the time in order to save a little on rent (which i did pay them, though minimal) and ended otherwise only had to pay for traveling and food/drinking expenses.
    Chrissy, where do you find the resolve and patience to painstakingly save up for 2 years??? That is persistence personified :D

    I would talkt for myself by saying that the fact that I'm still leaving with my parents while I'm studying help a lot. A good job help a lot for the saving part. I'm 22 and I've been travelling on my own for a little while now. I was in Australia for 3 months 2 years ago and I spend 3 weeks in Europe travelling around. I don't have a lot of friends who travel like I do they would mostly go down South to Cuba or Mexico. But I love adventure and I enjoy travelling so it helps me save even tho it can't be hard sometimes. But it's worth it. In Montral the students in university have 4 months off and that helps to work move and save the money. And that's what helped me save so far since I'm going to South Africa in May. But mostly I would think its the determination that the young travellers have and the fact that they don't have any strings attach no kids, or house bills, etc. Travelling for me is a learning experiences that is worth it even if you need to do some sacrifices to get where you want to go!

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