• In Anglophone countries, Christmas Day is the 25th December -this year that's a Tuesday. Many workplaces will have the week off. But others will work Monday, Thursday and Friday.

    Many people working in Wellington will go home to their families for a week or two.
    So that often leaves a lot of CSers and other random flatmates, travelers, etc. sitting alone in hostels, campervans and houses with several empty rooms for the week, wondering what to do on Christmas day.

    Some go to beaches for breakfast. Nice.
    (but not so nice if you forget that most shops are closed on 25th December, and you didn't buy your breakfast stuff the day before...)

    +++++Aside, feel free to organise a party on the afternoon/evening of Monday 24th, for fun or to do chocolates and other Europeany-24th December things)++++++

    So, for the last few years, CS Wellington has held a Christmas day BBQ and social gathering, with optional presents, drinks, etc, and hopefully a lot of sun and social times in a CSer's house on Mt Victoria.

    And this year we look to do the same. Daniil has once again generously offered the use of his house, sunny garden and BBQ for the day. It is a nice location, large, and accessible on a day with little public transport.

    The event details will go up soon. But for now, it's a note to put in the diary; Typical Kiwi Christmas day BBQ, Mt Victoria, 25th December.

    - Now, who would like to organise something for New year's Eve....?-
    Hi again
    Event now posted here

    Now we need 'helpers'. Thanks Paul for volunteering, and it is Daniil's house so he'll be there (and saying what we can/can't do in/to his house while there).
    Anyone else willing to help in some way on the day?
    Let me know here or by email or in person, and I'll chat more in December.
    Thanks Paul.
    Hopefully we'll see many of you in 6 days, for the 25th.
    Any other volunteer helpers? There's three of us, so far...
    Christmas Day BBQ will go ahead - if the weather is unhappy (seems hard to predict), then we have a large indoor space and some garden shelter-type things....
    I'll probably not be there that early! (though it depends what need to be set up; not looking at Marquees)
    Hi all
    For people with name signed up for the BBQ on Tuesday (Christmas day), I've sent out some emails with extra info.... anyone is welcome to come, but if I know you're coming then I can send you the email as well...

    Event; http://www.couchsurfing.org/meetings.html?mid=174817
    Thanks to the ~40 people who came.
    Got through 95% f the food and 110% of the fluids.
    Hope all had a god day, and the handful on into the darkness are ok.

    Ash has an album up and requests...."people to tag themselves as [she] will be making the album private in a few days. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152371966695285.938793.738120284&type=1 "

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