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    This Friday we are going to the Hiton Hotel in town for our Friday night catch up. Why there you ask? Well, a CSfer with a soft spot for Kareoke said that Friday night at the Hilton is Kareoke night. So this is your big chance to discover your inner pop star or cheer on others.

    From 7pm.
    Hilton Hotel


    see you there


    Hi Celia,
    sorry imissed your birthday, btw. Happy belated irthday wishes. I will come this Friday but a bit later to avoid traffic. Hope to see you there.
    please let me know where in the Hotel we are supposed to meet, and how do we identify one another???
    am at 0733 706618
    This is a great idea! I'm a huge Karaoke fan and will definitely be there! But not till late. Thank you for suggesting it.

    Hey ya'll

    Seems like it is confession time. Here is mine, I have NEVER dined or wined at the Hilton. I have previously assumed it a preserve for the high-end.

    I will join the team, this Friday and if the prices are affordable and services and ambience excellent, I will give my endorsement for it as a venue for all other CS Meetings. This is because, I love to operate on a budget(am sure I speak for some more people too).

    Have yourselves a fantastic week.

    Hey everyone

    Yes, Kareoke time is approaching. My suggestion for everyone is to go to the reception when you enter the Hilton and ask where the Kareoke is, as I don't know either, but they will.

    I will take a sheet of paper that says CS on it for new people so you can find us.

    'dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17...' just practicing!


    @ Wangari: I would hate it for you to miss just because of being on a budget. Being my CS month anniversary and as a small way of appreciating your contribution to the CS Nairobi group, I will treat you to some drinks on my tab. Hope to see you there.
    - Lynette
    Dear CSfers

    I hope you are all dusting off your vocal chords for tomorrow night's extravaganza! Everyone is welcome,whether you want to sing or hide or just laugh at everyone.

    Lynette. HAPPY CS anniversary! You are an awesome contribution to the group. THANKS!!

    See you all soon

    hey all, that of karaoke sounds good but some1has to convince me that i wont be dragged to sing. the last time i was a karaoke thing i was embarrassed not that i cant sing but i havent mastered even my most favourite songs: can move my body the most.
    Hey Isaac

    Thanks for warning us you don't want to sing. Of course people are going to want to encourage everyone to get up and sing, that is something that happens. Just remind a few of us when you arrive not to hassle you about it and it will be fine I am sure. I won't hassle you to sing.

    Hope to see you there.
    hey cs,
    This meeting is it also for the new members and those that want to join or not for everyone . I would like to be there but i want to be sure. Cheers...

    Hey Lynette,

    Thanks for the offer. I take on it kindly and with appreciation.

    I look forward to seeing you all.I have just cleared my throat, hopefully I will sing.

    Tracey, thanks for the idea, it seems to have attracted many people.

    Leopard Girl.
    Casper you are VERY WELCOME!! CS is, as Benard said so well, an open space for people to meet and we love to meet new people.

    See you all there

    doe ray me far so la ti doe
    doe a deer, a female deer
    Ray a drop of golden sun..
    Me, a name I call myself...
    far, a longer way to run....

    warming up :-)

    Having a meeting in Hilton may be good for people who has no money issues. I don't know the prices but the name Hilton Hotel sounds a bit expensive.

    Did you check the prices? We should consider people travelling with a short budget and choose the places accordingly.
    There is Karaoke in Black D on Tuesdays or on Thursdays in this club close to Havana in 1st floor (don't remember the name but 100m on the left when you stand facing Havana)
    yes, i saw the date later in topic indicates september 28th but i didn't expose my mistake :) but my recommendation is always valid for regular meetings :)

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