• Hello everyone!

    My name is Emmanuel and I'm 26 years old. I'm a brazilian medical student and if everything works out, I will be there in september to stay about one whole year, studying at University of Debrecen as an exchange student. I know very little about life in Debrecen, although I've already read a few things on internet and here, and I would like to know if you can tell me something about it here.

    * Prices for renting apartments, cost of living (clothes, food, restaurants, cinema etc), places to visit, schools of hungarian language and things like that.

    * I also would like to ask if there are waterfalls, lakes, rivers and groves or forests with trails where we can walk around and enjoy the hungarian nature.

    * Could you tell me anything about student life there? Are there many people from differents parts of europe living there?

    * Are there parties to go to? Are there clubs? Pubs? I know just a little about the nightlife in Debrecen.

    * Important: what kind of music we will generally listen to in debrecen's pubs?

    * In Brazil, in some regions, we usually don't recommend to walk around alone after the sunset. It's the case of most brazilian cities downtown, for example. Is it ok leaving a pub, for example, and go home alone by foot?

    * I'm a latin guy, probably my features will make that clear. Is racism a common thing around this region of europe?

    * Well, at least for now, these are my questions. I know they are a lot of questions, so feel free to answer as many questions as you want. I hope we can set up a meeting in september when I'm there. I'm looking forward to see the hungarian cold weather there and have some fun! ehehehe

    Greetings from Brazil!

    Hey Emmanuel,

    Greetings from Debrecen! Let’s just have some quick answers to your questions :)

    Cost of living is rather cheap in Hungary, and especially Debrecen. The rent for a flat (50 sqm) could be around 60 000 Ft, and you could have a good living of 150 000 Ft which is currently 500 EUR). Restaurant meals (5-8 EUR), beers (1-2 EUR), drinks are also quite cheap here. To watch a movie you need to pay 4-5 EUR at cinemas. Clothes are rather expensive compared to other parts in Europe – but you could get some great bargains after seasons (eg. christmas).

    Hungarian nature is nice, less wild than in South America. Debrecen has a flat terrain, but there’s a huge forest inside the town – part of it is a park, the other part is a nature reserve with several pathways. You can go to several locations around the town – to the mountains North and East of Debrecen, where you can hike or ski in winter. The Hungarian language is hard to learn and very different from any other languages. It’s still worth giving it a try – local people appreciate if you speak a bit Hungarian. I think you should get in touch with the university as they may offer free Hungarian language courses for students.

    I’m not a student any more but I know that there are people from all over the world – largely due to the university. Foreign students especially appreciate the medical university – so you’ll have a good company, and good places to go :) Musicwise – Debrecen is rather fond of electronic music, RNB and disco – but you’ll find other genres (folk, rock, jazz) or even gigs too.

    The best part is that Debrecen is safe. And by that I mean really SAFE :) You can go out any time and don’t need to worry about walking on the streets at night. I had tested this as a student for years without any problems :)

    Racism against latin people is not an issue here. Hungarians like latin lifestyle even if they don’t speak Portuguese or Spanish.

    Hope I could help, mate! Let me know if you need more info.


    Hey friend, I'm also from Brazil and I've just moved to Debrecen. And if everything goes right, I will be here in September.

    I can't provide information, because I'm a kind of lost here too :)

    However, As I read Gabor wrote everything you need to know about the city.

    Ugo, I hope you're enjoying your time in Debrecen. If you need help, just let me know :)
    Hi Emmanuel!

    Debrecen is quite multiculty! There are a lot of exchange students here from different parts of the world.
    It is easy to fit into the community, because students are so friendly and nice.

    There are also great parties, you can choose from so many pubs and clubs with different kind of music. In some places the cheesy music is preferred, but you can find jazz, rock, reggae music as well.
    This year there's a so called 'Tuesday pubbing' with international students, so every Tuesday a new pub is been visited :D

    I can recommend you the dormitories of the uni which are not as expensive as renting a flat, and living in them is so much fun!! :)

    If you have further questions feel free to ask! :)

    Best wishes,
    Kossuth I., II., III. in Egyetem tér 1, or there' s a student hostel for medical students in Móricz Zsigmond krt. 22. :)
    I recommend you to go to the Students' Centre and they can offer you rooms at the domitories! :)

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