• Hello I’m Takahiro from Japan.
    I'll arrive at Denizli at 6 am on 8th Mar. and fly to Istanbul at 19:05 from Çardak airport on the same day. I would appreciate it if you could advise me about some of the following questions.

    1. I think I need to take a shower and take a nap on that day since I will go there from Nevşehir by night bus and arrive there early morning. Please help me to find cheap day use hotel or any solutions.

    2. I would like to go to Pamukkale! Is it better for me to participate a tour or go by myself? If it's better for me to go there alone, please let me know how to go there.

    3. What is the best way to go to Çardak airport from Denizli. I will have to ride a flight at 19:05.

    I'm looking forward to getting your message!
    Mate, you are doing your pamukkale visit in a very limited time. its enough to see pamukkale and hierapolis but you need to leave pamukkale early in order to catch your flight. you will have to be at the Cardak airport at 16:00. and the airport is a bit far from Denizli. the only shuttle bus departures from Denizli city center (I guess at 17:00). so the only way to go to Cardak airport from Pamukkale is going by taxi. I dont recommend you to use taxi because it would be very expensive. If I were you, I would leave pamukkale at latest 16:00 and go to Denizli city Center. Busses from Pamukkale to Denizli dont take you to the city center of denizli. you need to get off in front of the train staion and walk up to the city center (about 2km). or you could take a taxi from the train station to Denizli city Center (Turkish airlines office is at CINAR)
    hello Again Takahiro

    I would like to answer your the first question you may find somecheap pensions in Panukklae they are really affordable. just tell them you want to stay a few hours and never pay more than 20 Turkish Liras 1 month ago I took a surfer to pamukklae she stayed in a pension and paid 20 Turkish liras. I agree with Adam Sorkun on other topics :)
    Dear Adam,

    Thank you very much for explaining me in detail!
    OK, I will take a shuttle bus from "Denizli city center" to the airport!
    Btw, is Denizli city center the bus station's name?
    It would be great if you can advise me again.
    Hi Bilal,

    Thank you for the good information!
    I will try to find it and negotiate with the hotel.
    That was really helpful for me to know the specific figure;)
    no mate. Denizli City Bus station is out of the city. its on Izmir road. you shouldnt go there. The shuttle bus departures from the city center (in front of Turkish Airlines Office). Shuttle bus doesnt go to bus station.
    Hi Adam,
    I got it! Thank you again for your explanation!
    Hi Takahiro, There is bus service of Turkish Airlines from Denizli to Cardak Airport also you can use Airport Taxi, When I need to go to airport I usually use Airport Taxi,, It not so expensive, you pay only 25 Turkish Liras from city center to Airport and Taxi will take you anywhere from city center.. If you want I can write phone number of Airport Taxi or you can use Airport Bus Service..
    Dear Cengiz,
    Thank you for your kind message!
    The information is really useful!
    I would like to know the phone number so I will message you directly.


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