• ..Anyone keen on joining? This Saturday 12 January (to Sunday if we're camping).

    Priongia Forest Park is only 30 km away from Hamilton + offers a number of walks:

    There are three free campsites:
    1. in a grassy clearing 45 minutes into the Nikau Walk (with toilets)
    2. halfway along the Bell Track (no toilets)
    3 at Pahautea Hut, close to Mt Pirongia’s summit (with toilets).


    I haven't got a car to get to the forest park - maybe you got one and we can share company + costs? OR we could go by bike (I'll find out about road conditions tomorrow to go from there then)
    Sounds like an interesting idea. I got a car, but i wanted to leave it in Cambridge tonight and hitchhike to Reglan. But Plans can change really fast. Do you wanna make a daytrip or stay there overnight?
    Actually i´m running out of internet soon, but u can txt me 0221907855
    Sounds like a plan. We were going to go to Raglan for the evening, today. Then head to Waitomo for Sat night. Would this fit in with your plans ?
    Would love to stay overnight but a day trip sounds good, too - guess it depends on the weather + how many people we're going to be. Do you like to camp at all?

    Yet we haven't got transportation. Unless someone has got a car, let's meet tomorrow (Sat 12/01) @ 9am at the museum in town to bike to Priongia Forest Park
    this weekend doesn't work for me, but I'd be keen for going & possibly camping next weekend if you guys don't end up going.
    would be great, jen! hoping to get something going this weekend but there's plenty to see + do, so let's keep in touch + see what we can get up to next weekend then :)
    thanks for the info, srikant! will see how we go (what time we'll actually arrive, how we feel, what the weather is like, ...) + go from there then. so there's no fixed schedule. do you like to come, too?

    so, for those who like to join please drop me a line so i know who i'm going to meet with.
    - turn up tomorrow @ 9am at the museum
    - we'll go by bike (unless s.o. got a car)
    - be prepared for all weathers, have good shoes
    - take water + snacks
    - in case you like to stay over night, take a tent + stuff

    We would love to join you guys. We wouldnt be able to make 9am though. We could follow out later and join ye guys. Maybe camp out and have some drinks. Anyone interested ?

    Please text: 022 3035799 if you plan on camping.
    if you're keen on going but 9 am is too early, i'm happy to go later. just text me to let me know what time suits you best 021- 023 230 53

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.