• Hi
    I need to recruit some sales people. Do you know some chinese people around you speaking english, or french, and who have good communication skills, or good sales skills?
    In few words, my company imports french wines and corks stoppers. We are french wine wholesaler in the chinese market.
    If you are interested, or if you know someone who can be interested for the job, please let me know.
    Thank you
    Hi Titi,

    Sales is gonna sell wine to foregners or chinese buyer?or what's the job mainly relative?
    we sale to chinese people, we are wholesale, sale to wine shop, .... not to hotel,neither restaurant. The english is used to communicate with me, because my chinese is bad.

    saleman ,i like this kinds job, but i am not good at english, maybe i will recommend someone of my friends to u ,,,
    Thank you Ted. I find the people I wanted hire. So no job available for now, but if some people are interested, they can contact me anyway. I can have availability a bit later.
    I'm very interesting in this job.....I will have a holiday in summer. so I hope find a part-time job. I'm a student,I'm study at Yantai, I'm energetic, I will work hard. I'm looking forward to your reply
    I leave school maybe at July 10, If you have a job, you can contact me
    Hi Titi:
    have you found the right guy you need for sale wine? I was born in yantai and working for a French company now,but i just speak English and my contract will last to this september.
    maybe we can do something together.
    contact me if you interested: maxmoon1122@hotmail.com
    I just learnt that u were hiring someone to work for u .and I have been a little busy recently,I hope it was not too late for that..
    Well,I speak expert english,I have been working in a exporting company for 5 years,I travled abroad a lot. And I learnt french for one year when I was in college.But sadly and honestly,I forget it mostly.But I guess it will be easier for me to re-get it.LOL.
    I am truely intrested in ur offer ,could u email me more details ?my email is :pocketdavid@hotmail.com
    Looking forwards to ur reply
    ok liu, i send you email
    This offer is still available!
    Hi, Titi,

    I saw your offer is still available and I would like to have a try. I have been in abroad for 10 years and 7 years in Europe, such as Germany, UK, Sweden etc. I have tasted good red wine in Wuerzburg. Now it is interesting to sell French red wine and expand your market in China. my email: bazooka270@gmail.com. or you can call me 13645446286.

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.