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    I would like to spend 2 weeks in Istanbul in May. From the 12 to the 28, but dates can be change, it's not fix yet.
    I am a french photoreporter based in Germany, Munich. I would like to do a tracking of your beautiful city concerning the NGO for Woman rights (for a long story), but also belly dancers (for a short story). I am also looking for students journalists school in order to help me for a following project concerning nomad tribes.
    Do you have any suggestions, addresses, or people you know to help me?
    Thanks in advance,

    Here my website:
    Thank you so much! Yes of course i can imagine it doesn't match but it's 2 different topics, and approaches...i look for both, but i do not work the same with both. Thanks again for your help!
    Actually you can visit Saturday Mothers every saturday in Istiklal. Those mothers' children were killed and lost when they were custody. Most of them bodies never found. The mothers start this almost 15 years ago.

    You can search on google:

    Cumartesi Anneleri (saturday mothers)
    Gözaltında Kayıplar Kurultayı (ICAD)
    Also connected with:
    İnsan Hakları Derneği (Human rights assosiation) IHD
    Lady, already i answered you with a private message but i wanna write answer on this wall ..

    Turkey has a few diffirent side ... we can seperate of them two main parts :

    1. The group 1 : who likes and support funs of "USA-EU" and hate Ataturk for state government - This guys of leaders work with CIA and hates to have entirely independent Turkey,they dont trust power of ourselves and they wait to their all wishes with Dolar or Euro ; so you can find 'soslyalist (!)', liberal and so muslim (!) guys together in group 2 . And for this term they are looking so powerful by TV which is taking support from "USA-EU" . And many spies are working so successful (!)

    2. The group 2 : who dislike and dosen't suppurt never funs of "USA-EU" so they love Ataturk and.know valuable of independence and secularism for a country so their main aims break off attack of spies by "USA-EU",and remain to get entirely independent statement for Turkey so trust self power and resume be good friends with our all neighbours ..

    ** Many book outhers, journalists, academicians, soldiers, leaders of parties have still been in prison of Silivri for 6 years however judicial process is runing without justice and so so slowly ... maybe they cant see to sky anymore if it runs like that ..

    What a interesting things ? for instance " Saturday Mothers " and Rheir events or all smilar events ..
    They are angry to directly goverment of Turkey !
    Actualy our goverment is managed sons of "USA-EU" for last 65 years ..and still like that and and and the interesting thing that for still many people, "USA-EU" are angels, Turkey needs them for against to shity events (!)

    so see you soon ! ;)!
    Hello Natalia,I would like to host you and show you around when you come to Istanbul as my guest,it will be a good experience ,also I 'll endeavor to help you on your project,I will would be appreciated sharing your friendship for me,keep in touch please.
    Hey guys, it'was looking so necessary to anwer to comment of "Deniz" for me and i done it..
    Because all his all of offers groups which hates Ataturk ..
    i has been bored accounter to this kind of people in Europe, because mostly Europe people suppose all our people ( TURK ) is like this kind of people entirely ...

    unfortunately if somebody come to Turkey for searching something, they should know what is what and what is why like that by which kind of side's people ...
    hacılar bu konuşmalar beni aşar. ingilizceyi bitirmişssiniz siz yaa anlaşılmıyor :(
    erman kardeşim bende anlıyorum ama benzerini yaz deseler yazamam :)
    İnsan Hakları Derneği Atatürk'ten nefret mi ediyormuş? Bu nasıl dar kafalı bir yaklaşımdır arkadaş. Lütfen bir araştır da gel, sonra tartış benimle. Ya da tenezzül bile etme.

    Adam resmen İnsan Hakları Derneği için Atatürk'ten nefret ediyor dedi be. Böyle dar kafalılık görmedim arkadaş. Tartışma gereksiz yere de bir ton uzamış.
    Gerçekten yerine uymayan konuşmalar olmuş !
    İşin daha kötü yanı, böyle bir ortama bile siyaseti taşıdı. Ama çoğunluğu komplo teorilerine dayanarak. Verdiğim 3 kurumdan ikisi(hoş biri zaten diğerinin alt dalı gibi) uluslararası kurumlardır. Özellikle Avrupa'da falan kendini ispatlamış. Açıkçası adım geçene kadar dikkat etmemiştim ama bu nasıl görüştür arkadaş. Hele ki böyle bir görüşe sahipsen bunu böyle ortamda nasıl dile getirirsin?
    Laetitia, just sit in the taksim square area. Observe take pictures. You will find thousands of different women types from religious to modern, democrat to republic, housewife or business owner, rich to poor.
    And later ask them for a short survey you have prepared earlier with simple questiones. ( you can find someone here for a turkish survey to help you)
    This can give you a general respective for women and rights in turkey also some personal photo-reportage like people offered you above.

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.