• Hi everyone! I am currently living in Istanbul and looking for some new things to do and see. Does anyone have suggestions for places to go for good views in Istanbul? Maybe near the seaside? Also if anyone knows of good restaurants to go to with live music I would greatly appreciate it :)

    Thanks so much!
    Good view: Üsküdar kiz kulesi at sunset
    Restaurant: Liman lokantası in Karaköy

    The both places have great view and they just near the seaside.
    What type of things and music do you like? For good panoramic view, I would suggest you Küçük Çamlı in Asian part. There is some other places but these are a little far and cold now. To drink and watch a panoramic view in Istiklal; I f you like to drink alcohol it would be "Lebi Derya", if without alcohol "Jubile" just front of Galatasaray high school.For live music you can go to "Eski Beyoğlu", for dancing "Eski Beyrut"...If you like latin dance I can suggest other places..
    You should go to " Meyhane " to listen to traditional music and drink rakı in Flower Passage near Taksim area
    would you like come with me to pierre loti ,from there you will get a sight of istanbul :)
    if you think to visit Bursa i'll glad to show my lovely city.

    Best Regards
    Am not local am forgin too but i hv been living here for one year ,so i can help u and hamg around wid u if u dont mind too, tc
    I have ten options.
    1-There is a marvellous place that you can see Istanbul panaroma which you could find a great taste with live music in some days of week. (Klas place)
    2- There is a Cafe in a place which have a loooong garden and you can walk with your drink to near the bosphorus also lunch or dinner possible with a luxury standart. (This is number 1 at daylight)
    3-There is a place you can see whoole city but not saphire. More than 30.000 funs of this place.
    I'm sorry i couldn't share names. Theese are my speacial and secret places. If you really interest it is honour for me to company.
    Theese 3 are (relativity) very luxury but brilliant bellisssima.first class. Çok klas.

    4- Al jamal Badawii- akaretler beşiktaş
    5-D'oeuf --maçka
    6-Hippopotamus- maslak
    7-Therapy Cafe Restaurant--- mecidiyeköy not seaside
    8-Posh (kalamış anatolian part)
    9-mia brasserie beşiktaş
    10-NO:6 feneryolu anatolian part

    you can find quality music and enjoyable time. Theese are fresh and clean places.
    go to North, Sarıyer european side, you can discover really nice places there and you can see beutiful views, Blacksea and many. You can try nice fish restaurants.
    Hey friend, i just live in sariyer near the sea, that s really great place to visit . If i had many times, i would keep you company for visiting everywhere but i work in weekdays, if u wanna visiting on werkend, i ll be near you. See u.
    Super! Thanks so much everyone for all the advice, I really appreciate it!! (This is why I love coachsurfing so much) I am looking to trying these places out soon :D
    i may advice you to drink hot coffe in çamlıca hill.great view you''ll see from there...if you want me to attend your program i am ready because i am idle man novadays))
    also i have a car transportation will be more easy..
    Absouletly you visit Gazebo Restaurant and Le Fumoir at Ciragan Palace Kempinski istanbul . There is an Ottoman Palace great historical place

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