• Hi, my name is Riccardo Maria, i am an italian student and i am trying to make a nice master thesis :) I would like to ask u to help me, in my thesis i wish to study the political "life" in Turkey.
    For these reasons i would like to make a short interview to all of u, if u don't mind could u please answer to these four (not so easy :) ) questions:

    1) What is your opinion about AKP?
    2) What's your opinion about AKP's leaders?
    3) What is your opinion about AKP's policies about minorieties in your country?
    4) Do u have any wishes for the future of your contry :)?

    I would ask u if u could also write me your age, gender and occupation because i need these information for the statistics
    I would like to tell u that i will not judge anyone and any answers and i will not use your real name ( or any other information if u don't want) so i hope u feel free to send me everything u thing about these topic..

    Last request :) i don't want to start a fight and these is a "hard" topic so i will be glad to u if u could answer me with private message..

    My purpuse is to collect 100 interviews in 6 cities (Ankara, Istanbul, Van, Bursa, Konya, Tunceli) .. hope u could help me..
    Anyway hope to meet all of u one day.. somewhere in the world :)


    hi riccardo i can help your questions
    will be supporting you from my objective... :D
    I'm 24 years old male living in Istanbul, student/writer.

    1) AKP is a conservative party with neoliberal financial policies, favoring a centralized state. I have problem with all of these three issues I prefer a de-centralized confederation, in which the state is divided into self-sufficient / self-governing autonomous federations of syndicates. This is totally opposite of a centralized & liberal model. I am also against conservatism, which I believe to be the cause of gender inequality which is one of the major problems of the country.

    2) I find leaders of all major parties intellectually too simplistic, biased men of limited worldview. The prime minister is a charismatic man for many people, his rhetorics can be catchy at first sight but it is extremely superficial. This goes to many leaders of the world, I guess masses like hearing what sounds pleasing and simple speeches which they can understand.

    3) One might think they're better at minority issues than previous parties in control were. But I disagree. This is a profound issue, but I'll keep it short by stating that the struggles of minorities, especially Kurdish people are at its strongest level, that the appearance of internet has forced the government to act more carefully since media can not cover attrocities inflilcted by the state on people like they efficiently could in 90s, and the new neoliberal world of globalism requires changes in the Middle East. Everything combined, the government is "forced" to make reforms in the issue but they are clearly trying monopolize the whole issue, denying the struggles of the oppressed, claiming the position of the willing giver/blesser master. Also, keep in mind that Armenian and Cyprus issues still remain unsolved, and I blame the Turkish state for it.

    4) I want a society consisting of liberated individuals, sexually, ethnically and financially equal, tolerating each other and living voluntarily in harmony.
    Also, for the answer #4: Please stop breeding and please stop destroying the nature, my people :P
    As truth as possible : They're just like shit without local public services,that's it !
    I think you'll not study the political "life" in Turkey if you ask only those questions. Maybe you should change the name of your master thesis just as "AK Parti"...
    I think something is wrong here.. either with YOUR questions or with the name of YOUR master thesis... Did you get me?

    It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.

  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.