• Merhaba,

    I'll be visiting instanbul end of feb. Last time in London i've took a walking tour which is suprisingly interesting. So does anyone know which is the best walking tour in istanbul. Thanks for sharing.
    Hi Joie, i saw some of ur photo on CS city walking and look interesting. If it hapen again, i would luv to join. Hope to see you!
    hi beautiful girl
    i will be helpful guide for you in istanbul's every places
    please when you come istanbul call me
    0 543 536 39 19
    Haha Huso are you a clown or something? :)
    Arkadaş komiklemeye çalışan bir troll herhalde.
    can you give me some dates about sightseeing tours? :)
    if you are interested in art and galeries, this is the best , should check it. also you will see the some old and hidden parts of the city.
    if you need help or any questions can send pm.. good luck http://www.artwalkistanbul.com/routes/
    and https://www.facebook.com/pages/TOPHANE-ART-WALK/107770535911925?sk=map&activecategory=Foto%C4%9Fraf&session_id=1334585267
    Huso that lol..thanks joie and ampirik..keep in touch
    Whats your favorite to do in a new city? Art, sight seeing, bars/clubs, foods ?...tell me that and I can suggest you than..I like food + scene mostly :D
    Hi viki, i like local food, scenery and culture thing eg belly dance and whirling..or you have any suggestion must see/do in istanbul..thanks!!
    most turist say that taksim is the best place at night :)
    for cultural places you can go to sultan ahmet, there are blue mosque, ağa sofya, topkapı palace, dolmabahce palace, eminönü, etc :)
    if you need help you can send me message :)

    salam wahai kawan malaysia :)
    You may visit also this site for walking tours
    Hey Shah Rul,
    The most known walking tour in Istanbul runs through the heart of the historical town. One of the advantages of the area is that all of the highlights are very close to each other.
    The order I prefer to follow in my tours is chronological; Before lunch I cover the Byzantine relics: Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern & Hagia Sophia. In the afternoon Ottoman relics: Topkapı Palace, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar.
    I know this is so typical a tour in Istanbul, but other routes sure can be arranged according to the time that you are willing to spend in the city. For example; Dolmabahçe Palace and a walk on the Istiklal Avenue.
    I can offer you a free tour if you are interested and you can invite friends also.
    For further information PM me.
    Thanks marvell my indonesian friend and emin for ur kind offer. I'll pm u.

    Mehmet that helpful..thanks!!

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