• Who am I ?

    I am Photographer from Greece,
    also I have big experience in film editing for documentaries. The last years I am film my own short-documentaries.

    What about?
    I am interesting to film Turkish people who want to send a solidarity msg to Greece. It will be just three/four question. The interview will last maximum 5 minute per person. It will be for a short-documentary that will publish at http://worldgrapher.com .

    Because right now in my country the levels of racism are increasing. One of the Effects of the economic crisis. Everywhere you can understand the increasing of the flags. Frequently you can hear, the problem or enemy is the immigrants, the Germans, the turks, the Albanians, the Europe.

    Please send your contacts if you are interesting - here or in my inbox, email.

    If some one can suggest me filming place, a library, theatre, gallery - I am open for this.
    If some one have lights for shooting I will appreciate it. All my equipment is back to Athens, beacause right now I am in World Travel.


    My work & and ways to contact me.


    email: yiannisbiliris@gmail.com
    FB: Yiannis Biliris
    hi yiannis,

    i will be very happy to host and help you. your works are very much appreciated. for the filming case, i can accompany you in the bosphorus university. you can talk to people from different segments (secular to conservatists) of turkey.

    Hi Yiannis,
    I am also in for the interview anytime, anywhere. I had a great experiences with Greek people when I was in France for 2 yrs. Now, my best friends are form Greece:) So I m happy to help your fight against racism. Please let me know when you are in Istanbul.
    Hello Nesli, Kaan, luvlysmile and Bans!

    Thank you for reply. Kaan for sure I am interesting to walk with you in the university. Also Nesli, you have to know that I have the same feeling for the turkish people. From this side. I can find only brothers and sisters - only politics separate the people. Please sent me your contact to my inbox. I will be in Istanbul in three days.

    Any one else that is interesting?
    Let's be loud!!
    Hello again, finally I am in Istanbul :)

    Small update about the film:

    Till know, around 8 people want to participate to the film. The shooting day will around 5-8 of january.

    If someone know nice and quiet place, library, small theatre... let me know.

    You can send inbox, also you can post here - for keeping the post alive.

    Yiannis Biliris.
    Would be also nice for me to share some time and views with you Yiannis even if I come from Spain, (you know there the crisis is also hitting hard and it's been a transformation in society).

    Think your idea is really interesting so just let us know.

    Hi Yiannis,

    There are some places in my mind as a quiet places. Ataturk Library in Taksim is really nice place and having beautiful seascape. I actually want to accompany you in Boğaziçi University and there also small theatre, library and nice square exists. However, the dates for shooting overlaps with my final exam dates. My bro, studying at this Uni, say that he will be happy to help you. I hope everything goes well, and you can make shootings in this unique place.

    Guven, Batuhan and Luis thank for you interest, we are in touch about the date and place.

    Hello Kaan! Thank for your suggestion, right know I am close to Taksim, so I will go to check it, and if is ok I will try to arrange the place. Also we are in touch about the university but from the new year days and after.

    Let me know if anyone else is interesting for the interview?

    Take care,
    Gia sou Yiannis

    I want to help you if it's possible. I have my final exams but I hope I can arrange one day for interview especially between 4 and 8 is looks good...

    Ta Leme
    Hola friends

    Final date for the shooting it will be 11, 12 and 13 of (This Friday, Sat and Sunday). Most of you I am in touch via CS inbox and email.

    Sent which from the three days fit for you?

    Still try to find place, let me know your ideas for quiet place, library, theatre or what ever..

    Anyone else would like to join??
    Yiannis, if you still need more people I can post your ad on a facebook group, or on a website called eksiduyuru.com (where people make anouncements to get help). I'm sure there will be some people that are eager to help you. I'm also in.

    I don't know what your strategy is when filming people, but I guess it would be good to specify the questions to be asked to people before the interview, and send them to people that want to help you. When they know the questions that they'll answer, they'll get prepared in their mind, and that will save you time during the filming process.

    Well here's another idea:

    - Specify your questions,
    - Send them to people who want to help,
    - If they have equipment, they can film themselves and send you the video (if the quality of the videos matters that much for you, it wouldn't be a good idea but this way you'll reach more people.)
    - I mean this way, you can even turn it out to be a social media campaign.

    This Ted Talk might give you an inspiration: http://www.ted.com/talks/israel_and_iran_a_love_story.html
    I am in touch with all of you, tomorrow you will have my first calls. If someone forgot to sent me mobile number - please sent on inbox. We talk around 20 people till know.

    Still place for new people for sure...

    I try to find place, nothing yet but had the first suggestions.
    I have keep you up to date for this.


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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.