• With the news being so bad in the last month my friends and family want me to change my plans to come to Turkey. I am not going to because I want to see your country.. But I need some help.. I was going to get a train pass and now I hear that the train out of Istanbul is under construction? Is the pass worth getting? How far do you have to go to catch a train now? I would be heading to Izmir then south from there. Would this make train travel unsafe? also ....My flight gets in after 1am .. Very late at night.. Is there a hostel near the Ataturk airport? I do not want to be wondering alone late at night... The thing that happened to that girl from the Bronx has had a lot of people emailing me. I want to be as safe as I can when I am there..any hints?
    hi dear
    don't worry
    here is safe
    that girl went to unsafe place that
    the people of Istanbul even don't dare to go.
    Thanks for the advice.. I know that most places are safer then Bushwick and other places in NYC.. I can not fly.. I hate planes and have to take pills to get on a plane.. So that is out.. Bus travel also is not to good for me but if the train is really that bad.. Maybe ... I am taking boats to get around once there (to get to Egypt and Jordan) has any one taken a ferry or other boats to Izmir? Then, I feel bad putting out couch requests for such a late night fly in.. Is there no Hostel by the airport? Thank again Joie
    you may take the following road;
    from Yenikapi to Bandirma by freey (IDO) http://www.ido.com.tr/tr/yolculuk-oncesi/tarifeler/352-yenikapi-bandirma
    and then to Izmir by train http://www.tcdd.gov.tr/home/detail/?id=495


    6 EYLÜL EKSPRESİ, 17 EYLÜL EKSPRESİ trenleri, Alsancak - Bandırma - Alsancak arasında her gün işlerler.
    HAREKET SAATLERİ : (20 Şubat 2013 tarihine kadar Basmane varış kalkışlı çalışacaktır)
    6 EYLÜL EKSPRESİ: Basmane K: 06.45 - Bandırma V: 12.40
    Bandırma K: 13.30 - Basmane V: 19.48
    17 EYLÜL EKSPRESİ: Basmane K: 15.45 - Bandırma V: 21.37
    Bandırma K: 15.55 - Basmane V: 22.01
    MESAFE : 342 km

    Yenikapi is close to Ataturk Airport, Sultanahmet and Aksaray. So, you may open a couchrequest and im sure you can find any.
    good luck...

    Well I might take the ferry, but it seems like a lot of money? Or am I wrong? I guess that it about 12€? Is that right? The rest of this timetable I do not understand but thanks for the info! Ilker
    Wow the pamukkale is a place I would like to check out! that is so cool thanks for telling me.. I will be heading east through Turkey on my way to Adana and Iskenderun to take the ferry to Egypt.. A friend was just in Egypt and she said is was not to unsafe and I should not miss it. She lived off the Forest Ave M Stop by my old Flat in Queens (just above Bushwick) thanks Offset..PS it is ok to be bad with flying..it not the going in the air for me, I love Small personal planes, it's the lines and searching and sitting next to people and other stuff I just get so worked up in airports.
    I was in morocco this year and alone and everyone was so nice so I think that most travelers are just afraid of what people say.. All the people that tell me to change my plans have never gone anywhere without a hotel or cruise ticket. Any more advice about getting around and what not to miss?
    PS I do feel bad for that woman's kids.. I saw a interview with her husband and he seemed like most dudes from the Bronx..and worried..this was before they found the body..but in NYC the TV shows are not all fake (like NYPD Blue and Law and Order) there is a lot of danger in the city .. Some train platforms are not as nice as others and so on.. But I never had a problum.. But Some of my friends did get jumped by 7th graders .. I had more problums when I lived near Oakland Cali and when I was in Chicago..
    But it all in how you walk really ..
    if you arrive at airport at 01.00 am, you have to wait until morning at 06.00. because there is no public transportation after 00.00.
    there are some hotels near the airport, if you go there with taxi, they may deceive you :)
    so, you have your options :)
    The thing what happend to the Gırl from Bronx ıs complicated.
    She had some non legal relations here , so dont care about my lovely country and ther peoples.
    Stay relax and enjoy your trip , everything is safe here.
    hi come istanbul dont worry it is really great city enjoying and the.night life is great
    "There is no public transportation after 00.00.
    there are some hotels near the airport, if you go there with taxi, they may deceive you :)
    so, you have your options :)"
    That sounds like no options? Do these hotels have pick up services of their own? Does anyone know a good one that does? I have a very long flight with a 13 hour layover on Rome that I will spend walking around the "hood" of the Vatican..just to see the city a little.. So I will be very tired.. A friend was going to come get me on his motor bike but now he has been called away
    For work.. I found a host through a request but still have to find a place to sleep when I get off the flight? Anyone that knows a place and a address to give a taxi driver? Or maybe even how to say it in Arabic To a cab driver! A Written translation might help
    I know I will be dead tired when I get in.. And like I said I hate do fly ... So the flight will be hard and I just need everything to be as planed out as I can. Not that I ever plan anything really..
    Thanks ..
    Sarah Quinn
    I was in Nyc last november it was amazing.Anyway first forget the train,bus system is better.You can go easyly where you want.When will you come here?Whats your plan?Hotels which are near the airport are very expensive.Why do you want to go to izmir?ı was born in İzmir.
    I am Quoting here From Sarah's Comment: ''Or maybe even how to say it in Arabic To a cab driver! A Written translation might help''

    DO YOU THINK WE SPEAK ARABIC HERE? You are worrying about your safety but you did not care to learn which language we speak here in Turkey?
    It takes 5 seconds to learn everything about a country for god's sakes.
    Here you can find all necessary information about Turkey. I think it would be SAFER to know some of these. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkey
    Sorry Tugberk but I do not know what the cab drivers speak.. I do have three people I know from Turkey, they all speak Arabic and Turkish.. In New York god knows what most of the cab drivers speak..Russian, Spanish, anything really! So anyway I have also been planing this trip to go through Eqypt and Jordan..making at least 12 or more couch request for each city (yes I take my time to do this(to many to list here)) talking on message boards in Cairo, Aqua, and many more places and messaging many more people. This does not even count the sailing website I am on Or trip-advisor, and so on. So if I made a mistake then ..Sssooorrryyy..you should not be so quick to just jump down people's throats .. I was typing to other parts of the East for like three hours today, before I made dinner for the family I am staying with and then for hours after.. And again I am not asking for advice to piss people off.. I have been told by lots of people to get what the taxi will be cousting from a good source and even a written translation for cab drivers to help not getting ripped off..
    A simple way to correct me would be like "hay we speak Turkish" that would have been nice..

    It looks like with TubiTubi's link there is late night bus, also a nice person gave me this link http://www.istanbulairportpickup.com/
    That will help also.. If anyone else might need it..I think I found a late night host.. But he is not that near the Airport..a nice man said I could stay also and he works at the airport but has to get up so early for work that next day that I world hate to take his offer..what if the plan is late.. I just think it will be better for me to find my way to the host that does not have to get up early or to a hostel..
    Speaking French and Swahili might help with some NYC cab drivers .. I had one in Queens once that was French, the L Magazine has a page where they ask cab drivers things about current events and where they are from.. It's a great way to see that in NYC you could be picked by anyone from anywhere ;) http://www.thelmagazine.com/newyork/sex-in-the-cab/Content?oid=1137541 http://www.thelmagazine.com/newyork/what-would-googles-self-driving-car-mean-for-taxis/Content?oid=2233549 http://www.thelmagazine.com/newyork/have-you-ever-fallen-in-love-with-a-customer/Content?oid=2292576
    Just reading them makes me miss the city!
    but if you are taking a flight into New York book your Flight through JFK Airport, the A, J and E Subway trains will take you into the city from the air train All day & night.. But if you fly in
    through laguardia airport there is only a long bus (even in day time) to the train and it sucks! So take a cab to the train, the N,Q Astoria Blvd stop or the E,M,R at the Northern Blvd stop.
    Sleep at the airport till the morning. That would be cheaper and safer. You can find transportation to wherever you want in the morning
    You dont need to find hostel because of late flight.. U can travel and discover lots of places in Taksim then u can use Havatas bus from taksim to airport. The transportation contunie to 2.am. U can also ask to the drivers for being sure. My last flight was at 3am from Istanbul, i used Havatas in Taksim at 00:30 am.
    Hey Grateful, I'm a woman living alone in Istanbul and never had any problems. Istanbul is still the safest big city in the world, way safer than NY and the other big metropolis'. From the airport you can take the Havatas bus (which is the regular one that takes you to the center-- and easy to find) to Taksim where you can book a hostel. I just saw one very close to the Havatas stop, on the main pedestrian street called Istiklal. It's busy at night, and even into the am, so you won't feel lonely even at 2 am. I think the name was home suite home. I don't know if it is nice, but I think you can go there for one night and then change to your preferred location.
    Probably best not to stay in Tarlabasi if you are feeling a bit skittish, though that's where I live and no problems, but it's definitely seedy. Msg me if you have any questions or if I can help you-- but I think you should still come to Istanbul!! And to Izmir there are cheap flights every hour-- for as little as $25- or you can take a bus. Buses are the more common way to travel here and they are very good and reliable. Best of luck-- Jodi
    there is hostel in ataturk airport. you can find it. u can tell me what u wanna know.
    Hello Gratefullquin, I can offer you a hotel, Airport Inn Hotel, just 10 minutes drive from Ataturk Int Airport and they have free Airport Pickup Shuttle Service 24/7. you can check their web site, www.airportinnhotel.com for prices and reservation. If you need further assistance, please dont hesitate to contact.
    Hello Quinn,

    For the transportation problem late at night, as other people already told Havataş is the best one. You can check their webpage; http://www.havatas.com/en/coach.aspx?i=1

    After you reach Taksim, there will be no probs about accomodation for the night, there are loads of hostels;
    http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Cheers-Midtown/Istanbul/41352?dateFrom=20+Feb+2013&dateTo=23+Feb+2013&sc_sau=rt&sc_pos=10 http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Rapunzel/Istanbul/39462?dateFrom=20+Feb+2013&dateTo=23+Feb+2013&sc_sau=rt&sc_pos=11 http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Chambers-of-the-Boheme/Istanbul/23150?dateFrom=20+Feb+2013&dateTo=23+Feb+2013&sc_sau=rt&sc_pos=15
    these are just a couple of them.

    Do not worry about your safety, you already live in a metropol so you will know what not to do by your instincts, big cities are all alike in safety issues. It is a highly populated city so try to blend into the crowd at all times and nothing will happen to you.

    Hope you ll have a nice holiday, cheers.

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