• Hello all!

    Could you please advise me on a good jazz or blues bar, preferably laid back without advance tickets, but with high quality artists? Looking for something on 24th,25th or 26th Nov. Preferably somewhere where you could talk to / meet people if you wanted to, since I will most likely be going alone.

    Having said that, if someone wants to come along, please let me know!


    For blues, there is only 1 place i can recommend and it is the very best. It's called Terra Blues and it's in the Village. Highly recommended!!

    For jazz, here are some of my favorites:

    1) Cleopatra's Needle (UWS)
    2) Garage - traditional jazz in the Village
    3) Arthur's Tavern- across the street from Garage, but go there on a weeknight, when it's less crowded
    4) Fat Cat- $3 cover, but they have live jazz inside and all sort of boardgames, chess, and table games (foosball, ping pong, pool, and shuffleboard). Very close to both Garage and Arthur's.
    5) Smoke (UWS)
    6) Village Vanguard - never been there, but hear great things about it.
    7) Zinc Bar- also in the Village. Never been but heard good stuff about it.

    Hope these recommendations help...


    Shat merci, Ara!

    I see you have Armenian roots; I've been to Armenia quite a few times for work, nice place.

    If you feel like coming along one of these days, let me know!
    Best wishes

    Panma che, Michael. No problem. I'll let you know. I'll be busy with things over the next few days with Thanksgiving, but should be in the city next week. An Armenian group is having a big pre-Thanksgiving party next Wednesday in the Village, if you're keen on checking it out. I can send you a link...it's $20 cover if you pre-pay. A bit steep IMO, but it's for charity.


    Hey, yes I might be interested. im only landing at 5.15 pm so i wont be in the city until a bit later, need to freshen up etc. what time would you normally go to a place like that?
    Bar 55 on Christopher street, it's $10 cover in the weekend but I think is free during the week

    Blue Note has also $10 late night shows Friday and Saturday ...never been there but had positive feedback

    Enjoy :)
    I would like to join, on sunday perhaps!
    I'd be quite happy to try either place, but that Blues place does sound appealing (myself being more a blues than jazz fan as well!). Maybe someone could actually book a table if this is free? Otherwise let's just go. But I think I can't be anywhere before 9 or so, and even that I can't promise.
    I was there till like 12... asked for table under "shrek" they didnt know about it, so just stood, had a beer and enjoyed the music

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