• Hi everybody! I'm looking for a room for rent for at least one year, its not for me but its for my best friend that is currently in Berlin hosted by some friends. I know him since we were 12, he's extremely realiable person, I have many references on my profile and you can trust me too! For this reason i told my friend i could maybe find some help from couchsurfing fellows, and i also told him to create a CS profile to be contacted more easily and stay in touch with locals. Please contact me even just to tell me where a good office that rents rooms or a website, any suggestions will be very aprechiated!

    thank you in advance

    thank you everybody for your precious suggestions! i'm sorry if it was complicated for you, RIQ88, i wish the best luck to you! my friend is looking for this room from jannuary on, if he gives me his cs profile link i would share it with you, i gave him some contacts of frieds that live in berlin to see if they can help him as well.
    thank you again for all the info and the links and talk to you soon!
    Thank you Simon and Riq and lich!

    I don't understand this words, "SCHUFA"
    Also by saying "Wohnungsbaugesellschaften are great landlords. Googlen und einfach die Bude bei der degewo oder was weiss ich wem holen." are you suggesting to contact this company?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 27m2 bedroom in a WG, and am currently looking for someone to sublease to. Move in around Nov 15th. Its a great apartment, on the river between Friedrihshain and Kreuzberg, but the room is a bit expensive: it's 520 euros/month with all bills included. The apt itself is 97m2 and has 4 bedrooms total, so you'd share the rest of the apartment with 3 other people. The contract is for 9 months minimum. Due to the price of rent, the landlord only wants a working professional who can prove a 1 year work contract w/ a company, and who makes 2,500 monthly (before tax). So many criteria, but if you're interested, shoot me a message.

    Apart from that, I just applied for my own apartment on the other side of Berlin, and that landlord didn't really need anything- I have a SCHUFA (credit report) but he didnt ask to see it. He also didnt need to see my past landlords recommendation. So, even if you don't have every single paper, you should still try - with the threat of being homeless, time is very precious and waiting could cost you dearly. Look now, try now, and get your papers ASAP!

    Hope this helps,
    my Parents are just reting out a little house in Falkensee. You could have a look if you don't think that it is too far.

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.