• Hello everyone. I recently moved to a suburb of Melbourne. I'm an au pair looking for people to hang out with on the weekends, and establish friendships while I'm here for the next 7 months. I just want to explore and spend some time with fun and interesting people. I like to watch movies, go to parks etc. I'm up for just about anything. If I don't keep busy I get homesick so I'm hoping to make friends and have fun. Hope to meet you soon.
    hello Mary...Welcome to Melbourne.

    Hope you are doing well.. i am happy to show you around, always up for coffee, movies, meet ups..

    If u like to join us for an open air theatre movie on Sunday evening, let me know. I am going with other CS friends.

    Cheers - Naga

    Hi mary,
    Im joyce, 22 years and from holland.
    Im in melbourne now from the 8th of january and would like to stay for 6months. I have an appartment in st kilda andI start next week working in home care and i would like to go for a coffee to talk a bit. I have to work some weekends but there will be time enough to meet. If you would like to meet some day you can email me. Joycevandenderen@gmail.com.
    All couch surfers are welcome to our party tomorrow, 19th january !

    I'm leaving melboune coming monday so my friends planning for a party this Saturday night. This is our ever biggest party at home. We planning for Dj, bbq, dance and beer. Dj is one of my friend, so its free. We can get bbq for cheap because another friend working in a supermarket said he can bring it in. We got some drinks. But that won't be enough for a big party like this, so If u can bring something for u that'll be great.

    So I welcome everybody to this event. u can bring ur friends as well.

    the address is 29 Gordon Street, Footscray. Tram 82 stop 58.
    there is free car parkas well.
    If any questions, feel free to contact me: 0433551221
    Hey everyone,

    I'd love to meet new people too! I hope to go on some weekend day trips if anyone's interested. Next weekend is a long holiday so I hope to go to Great Ocean Road then we have space in the car too.

    If you're around the city one day my number's 0468 304 224 :)
    Hey guys, I live in St Kilda and work in South Melbourne so always around if anyone is bored and wants to catch up for a chat, coffee, beer whatever you like! Im even happy to act as a tour guide if you are new to this amazing city!

    I'm always up for meeting new people. I'm in Brunswick, so if you are every up this way, let me know!

    Hey Mary,
    Welcome to Melbourne, a city you easily get used to and a place with lots to enjoy. :)
    If you are by the CBD and looking to grab a coffee i would certainly be up to hang out as well.
    Hi guys and gals, thank you for the replies! So sorry I'm getting back to you late. I will keep in better touch. I hope to meet you all in the near future :)
    Hi mary! I' m moving to Melbourne in april, it would be nice to meet you there! I will live in the city for a year, i really excited! Keep in touch!
    Noelia from Buenos Aires
    I really wish to hang out with people but i live 50 min away by train...and i was told its not safe to return home (to my relatives) at night. I arrived this week so im still new too. i have around 7 months here too. and for me i get homesick too if i dont meet new people. i did alot of city touring by myself and with my relatives but its nt the same... Next week im going to the mountains so i cant search for a job now. coz by that i would have more freedom
    Hey Mary!
    I live out in Box Hill, which is less than a half hour's train ride from the CBD. Would be more than happy to meet up for dumplings if you feel like getting out of the city, or if you want to hang out over a coffee or beer, I would gladly meet up with you wherever. :)
    Take care for now!
    ciao I'm Alessio from Italy. i'll arrive next saturday...for 3 weeks holiday. i hope to know a lot of people who could drive me to change my life...maybe i can decide to remain there....who knows.....anyway....it will be great to meet everybody of you.alessio

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.