My names Andrew, a 23 year old Melbourne guy who has hosted/surfed for a year or two now...Looovve to travel! and if Im not travelling, i just need to be amongst travellers... so I truly understand the backpacker life and what travellers want- not tourists!

    Recently Iv just started my own 'business' (i use that term loosely) that involves doing a great ocean road trip with a bunch of backpackers like yourselves! Let me Explain ;)

    Me and my buddy are both local aussies, are qualified surf instructors who love having fun. We have a 12 seater van.... We have tents....we have wetsuits....we have beer...we have a very good knowledge of the best places to go in Victoria... We are backpackers in our own city! and We want to help YOU do the great ocean road the right way... the CHEAP way...THE FUN WAY!

    So heres the deal..

    We pick you up from whatever house/hostel you are at in Melbourne.
    We drive with awesome tunes and great people through the great ocean Road...we will teach you how to surf for as long/short as you want..in either Torquay,Lorne or Anglesea (depending on the day)...Surfboards and wetsuits included!

    We'll stop and have some lunch by the beach..
    And the goal is too reach the twelve apostles!
    By the end of all this we'll camp overnight at one of our 10 camping spots.
    And Drop you off back at your hostel the next day. ( or the next if you want to do more)

    Inbetween all of this we can stop WHEREVER YOU LIKE. Spots include

    -Torquay,Lorne,Anglesea,Apollo Bay,Aireys Inlet Cape Otway Park, Port Campbell
    -Chill and drink by the river with a rope swing in Aireys inlet
    -Canoeing in Anglesea.
    -Erskine falls Waterfalls and blanket bay
    -Nature/rainforest short walks (multiple locations including Maits rest, Melba gully and LOADS more we know-they are Beautiful!)
    -Hang gliding
    -See some koalas and kangaroos
    -Party at some beach towns if you want
    -Smoke some funny things if thats you thing ;)
    -Camping by the beach under the stars talking all night by the fire
    -Eat some traditional aussie pub meals
    -Teach you how to Throw a boomerang
    -Ill have a camera constantly taking happy snaps for that perfect Facebook profile picture you've always wanted. ( i love my photography)
    -So much other stuff


    Just think of us as young and fun but wise local taxi drivers that will take you anywhere you want but will know the best places to go incase you don't! Let us do the driving...and you just worry about having a good time...Then you can tick the great ocean road trip and surfing off your australian bucket list! And you had a great time doing it;)

    I understand the road trip could be a different thing for everyone..Some want 1 day..some want 3 .... So all you need to do is TELL ME what YOU want..and we'll work around that! But generally, we mainly offer a 24 hour..1 night camp..back in melbourne the next day...BANG...smashed the GOR in one day and you did it the backpacker way..seeing spots none else would have!

    We ask for $85 for the 24 hour road trip... but if ya wanna do more and take your time..lets talk about it!
    I know 85 can seem like a lot for a backpacker......but trust me....doing it yourself can be almost just as pricey ( petrol,food,camping,partying, Surf lessons and rental, car rental) plus you won't reaaaalllly know where your going...and you won't have local aussie company! and i can assist you with any problems your facing with australia...whether its jobs...accomodation...recomendations...

    So if you want to be a lil crazy and enjoy some aussie company and get off the beaten track for a day or 2....email me at offthebeatentrackjourneys@gmail.com or msg me here....
    Only condition is we only leave with a full 10 seated van...So tell your friends! always taking solo travellers too of course.

    This is for the young, not old
    the fun, not dull,
    the poor, not rich
    The traveller, not the tourist!

    Hello Andrew,
    sent you a pm.

    cheers nizam whats your email?

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.