• Hi everybody! Im from Argentina and in a few months im going to live in Melbourne or Sydney (I´ve not decided yet). Therefore i have a lot of questions about the city... How much cost a room there? How much money i need for a whole moth? Including food and other expenses...
    I ve my work and travel visa. So, Is easy find a job?
    Well I hope the nice and helpful people from Melbourne could answer my questions. I would like to have contact with people from there in advance.
    How much cost a room there? It depends where you wanna live and how long you're staying for. The shorter the time you're staying for the more expensive.

    I'd budget on $150 per week for somewhere to stay if you're going to be there awhile, obviously more if it's just for a single month (you can try airbnb or gumtree possibly for short term stuff).

    How much money i need for a whole moth? That really depends on how you want to live, you can just go to free events (there are lots) and drink water and eat rice and beans and probably live off like $100 per month - but your life is going to suck.

    Melbourne has a great restaurant scene and is especially good for breakfasts.

    I'd budget at least $25 per day (not including accomodation) as a bare minimum, a main meal at a restaurant in Melbourne will cost anywhere from $10 (pub food/indian/thai) to $30.
    Sydney and Melbourne are more or less the same cost of living actually. It's just easier to live in a shitter part of Melbourne as the public transport is better.
    Hola Claudia, si viene a Melbourne y quiere hacer intercambio de idiomas me avisas y tambien le puede quedar en mi sala por un rato ok! Es facil encontrar trabajo en un cafe o algo asi, siempre estan buscando empleados, Melbourne tiene mucha cultura y arte y cosas asi, mejor que Sydney jaja. Saludos!
    the same questions and things that i want to know about Melbourne
    cause i am going to visit this city in few months
    thank you
    William Ryall
    Hi!!!I´m thinking going to Australia at september...as i know the best is to live in hostel...Is more cheaper and you can meet many people which may also want to rent a apartement so you can sare everthing...the rent i think could bee about 250 dollas peer week...now about work you can find but then there are also famerworks:)
    melb and gold coast are the best places to live ;)
    Melbourne is a nice place to live, just be careful of the weather as it's approaching winter. Rent can be cheap if you find the right people, we are paying about $100 per week for a room not too far from the city. Consider public transport and possibly a bike though!

    If anyone's looking for a room, one of our housemates is going overseas so his room will be available from April in Ascot Vale, contact for details!
    Thanks everybody for yours replies. Your are convincing me to live un Melbourne! My idea is share accommodation and enjoy of cultural live and travel by bike. So Melbourne sounds great!
    Roman.. I am arrivying next week. Could I live with u ?? I like the idea, I have surfboard if you wanna use..!! Thanks I will send u a message with my fb and if youi give me the ok .. in april arryving to your home.. Thanksss!

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