• I don't live in Melbourne anymore :(
    But this group had designed my life in this beautiful city in such a positive way, that I could not skip posting this here. (and of course, to all my friends on CS/FB etc)

    I'm writing because I know we cannot change CS. It is now classed as for profit C-CORPORATION. The Couchsurfer is no longer the center of consideration. $22 Million dollars were raised in Venture Capital, and our data privacy is violated in ways unimaginable even by facebook. (CS terms of use, section 5.3; anything you post can be used freely by CS for any cause what so ever.)

    I am leaving for bewelcome.org. I read a lot about both organizations and BeWelcome is everything that couchsurfing is not. There are good reasons why I should never trust CS:

    Profit or non profit?
    Couchsurfing used to be a non for profit organization, but now is officially a for profit C-corporation. BeWelcome depends of a French Organization, BeVolunteer, which is a non for profit organization. Because of French law, BeVolunteer will never be able to change to a for profit corporation.

    The last update of Couchsurfing Terms of Use allow the CS Team to do whatever they want with the information you provide, with no restriction in the time. There Privacy Policies states that they won't sell anything yet. They also say that the ToU can change anytime without notifying users. So no way to say if your information are being sold now, or will be sold one day.

    BeWelcome Terms of Use states that they won't transfer any personal information without your consent, except for safety/emergency reason. BeWelcome Terms of Use are written and decided by members. You'll be notified of any change.

    The main objective of the CouchSurfing corporation is to make profit, this involve growing as fast as possible, attracting as many users as possible. People there are slowly changing, from a "member" status to a "customer" status. All decision and evolution are coming from the top, and imposed to user.

    And the list goes on and on. I will link to some good read if you want to investigate yourself.

    A non for profit becomes a for profit organization and it gets passed in the US?! This is ludicrous.

    Join me and others, and leave CS for Bewelcome on January 12-14:


    (Just google Couchsurfing Vs bewelcome for more stuff to read)

    See you there!

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