• Hola CS,
    me gustaria ir a ver el partido de fútbol de Mexico-Jamaica por la clásificación para la copa mundial 2014. El partido se juega a partir de las 20:30 hs el miercoles 6 de febrero en el estadio azteca. Los boletos de entrada más baratos estan a 170 Pesos.
    Alguien interesado en acompanarme? Sería buenisimo si vamos a ver el partido con un gran grupo de Couchsurfers. Donde estan los fanaticos del futbol?

    Hey CS,
    I would like to see the soccer game between Mexico and Jamaica for the world cup classification. The match will be played at the estadio azteca in Mexico DF on wednesday feb 6th and starts at 8:30 pm. The cheapest tickets are around 170 Pesos.
    Anyone interested? Would be pretty cool to enjoy the game with a big CS community. Where are the soccer fans?

    I will go to the football match. I have a ticket on the terrace back to the golie, we are forming a new supporter group, and im part of it. If you wanna go with this condition, please let me know.

    the area of the terrace is very safe.
    Hey, that sounds good.
    I think I will also go for the general poniente area as its quite cheap there and it seems that you have a good view from there.

    @ José: Do you have fixed seats in the area or admission to the area in general?

    @ Niklas + Enrique: I would like to buy my ticket tomorrow at the Azteca stadium. I will be there around 11am. If you also need to buy one, we can meet there.
    A huevo que yo me apunto, voy saliendo de Chiapas para ver el partido!
    Hola todos!
    YO tengo 3 tix mas para general poniente... Quien se apunta?
    Well, I went to the stadium today to buy my ticket. They told me at the counter that there are enough tickets available, also for the General Poniente area.
    So everyone who doesn't have a ticket yet, can buy it tomorrow in front of the stadium before the game. And Pedro has 3 tickets available as well (see post).
    I will be in front of the stadium at 7:30 (under the black statue). So we can meet up there altogether. I will be with a friend and wait there for you till around 7:50 Uhr. I will try to make a little CS sign, so that you can find me.
    @ José: Do you think you will make it till 7:50 to the stadium?
    Todavia tengo 2 tickets... Lukas y demas CSurfers nos vemos a las 7:30 pm donde Dijo Lukas.
    i am also definitely gonna be there (at the statue).i dont have a ticket yet so if anyone has a spare one i am in!
    see u later
    hola pedro..otra vez en espanol :)
    me interesa 1 tambien..voy a estar donde lukas dijo a las 7.30.
    Ivan, Enrique, Eugenio y Niklas Los donde Dijo Lukas a las 7:30...
    Este es mi fon por cualquier cosa 5536326814
    Oops ! Los veo donde dijo Lukas :)

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.