• Mexico, DF comprises more than 2,000 distinct neighborhoods—with thousands more in the adjacent suburbs of the State of Mexico. For many of us who live here, however, we know only a handful of the city’s barrios and colonias—where we live and work, where our friends live, and the city’s “greatest hits” such as the Centro, Roma, Condesa, Polanco, Coyoacán and Xochimilco. Some of us are more adventurous and have visited other parts of the city, but many seem never to leave their familiar bubble.

    For three years, I lived in Santa María la Ribera, a neighborhood I still adore though I now live in the Centro Histórico. While there, I hosted dozens of Couchsurfers and always took them on a tour featuring my favorite things in the neighborhood and adjacent areas.

    Which got me thinking…wouldn’t it be great if other Couchsurfers gave tours of their neighborhoods? Not only would this be an ideal way for Chilangos and Defeños alike to learn more about this amazing city we all call home, but it would also allow visitors to see corners of the city that they would otherwise never visit.

    “But my neighborhood is so boring,” you may think. Wrong. If we’ve never visited your neighborhood, it will automatically be interesting to for us just to see what it’s like. Even if your neighborhood doesn’t have any obvious sights, every neighborhood has things that define it, whether it’s a plaza, a great taquería, a market, a cantina, a museum, a graffiti wall, an improvised frontón where kids play handball, or something else.

    Please let me know if this idea sounds at all appealing to you. I’m prepared to get the ball rolling by offering a tour of Santa María la Ribera in the next week or two. If you’d like to host a tour of your own neighborhood and don't know where to start, let me know and I’ll send you a list of ideas to help you plan a successful tour.

    Si! La ciudad de mexico no es solo la condesa y roma... vientos!
    I live in Tlatelolco, a neighbourhood with lots of history on its back. I'm totally in.
    Great project Todd, count me in!
    Its good, in some barrios there are enough histories to tell (like in south the "panchitos" history is great or in Cerro de la Estrella on Iztapalapa they have a lot of histories about UFOs and something like that. But, most of the problems in DF are the security :S
    Hey everybody, thanks so much for the responses here. It makes me truly happy that so many of us are truly interesting in this city. So, I have a question. In terms of organizing the first tour (Santa María), would it be easier if I posted an Event? I've never actually reached out to fellow Couchsurfers on the site, so I'm just wondering what would work best. Or, should I start a new "Mexico City Barrios" group?

    Your feedback is much appreciated! Gracias a tod@s!
    You could do both. The group por permanent users (people who live and will organize the walk) and for receiving comments and feedback as well, and a weekly or biweekly event for all the different CSers that are just passing by.
    Cool, thanks for the advice Progrocker.

    Everyone, I'll start a new group so that those of us who are interested can post dates, etc. By the way, I've had some things come up, so I can't do the Santa Maria tour until Saturday, May 4th.

    Also, for those of you who I sent tour planning info to, please don't think that you have to do any of these to host a tour. As a former teacher, I've just found that some people like guidelines when they don't know where to start. Thanks!
    This is a great idea! :D

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