• heya Mondradders!
    next ride:
    thursday, 30 aug* OR friday, 31 aug*
    * this depends on the clarity - i will post the morning of the 30th to announce

    uhr: 20:30 (we will wait 15mins for latecomers who call!)
    ort: heerstrasse u-bahn
    route (google map link below) heerstrasse s-bahn, pichelsdorf, gatow, kladow, sacrow (we can come back same way, or loop down to potsdam via neu fahrland)
    distance: between 15-50 kilometers - depends on how far you want to ride with us! (plan on at least 4 hours for the full ride)
    mitbringen: jacke, gute laune, etwas zu trinken und snacken, gedicht, instrument, innerlich wolf, badetuch, badecostume (or be ready to skinnydip!)
    ...it gets cold out there, so bring seriously warm clothing and a tea thermos!

    0176 20686 978
    dunklestort in berlin: http://www.verlustdernacht.de/pressemitteilungen-nachrichten-details-133/items/berlin-by-night.html
    @ Stefan: aren't your kiddos natural mondradders? :) we can tie them to us and pull them along!
    and thanks for offer on help in planning! i have not done the gatow - potsdam strecke , also, if you know it in the dark and some cool places once we are down in sacrow, that would be great!i would like to ride the water as much as possible -
    last vollmond we were in gatow...at a precious little jut in the land with a tiny beach. lovely.
    see you then i hope!
    @ all: who's in? :)
    hey out there...we're up to 5...who else is in?
    it's always nice to have at least 6...the bells make better music that way. klingklingklangklongkling.klang.
    ps still not sure on the 30th or 31st...we wait to see the forecast on the 29th/30th. the vollmond is about 14:00 on the 31st...so either night should be brilliant...
    hey all!
    since so many are interested - i have made the mondradders an official group!
    guck mal hier:
    join up so you can get the updates, meetings places, numbers, etc...
    and, for those of you not into details and doublechecking information -
    we go now at 21:30 instead of 20:30 ;)

    It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.

  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.