• Dear Surfers in Montreal,

    My boyfriend and I will be in Montreal on Dec 31st and were looking for an unique experience to bring in 2013. Any recommendations? Any couch surfers hosting a party and wouldn't mind us crashing it? Anyone just want to tour streets of Montreal and then open a bottle of Champagne when the clock strikes 12? We are open to new ideas!

    Thanks for you time and comments in advance,
    hey I am thinking about going sledding at midnight at a park in westmount with a few friends. you are welcome to join if there is any snow and if I am even in town!
    John: Thanks for your reply. Totally interested. You say we start the party at your friends place? Send me the details in a message when you get more people and have plan. Maybe we can do something fun like sledding ( as Vanessa suggested).

    Vanessa: Thanks for your reply. Sledding sounds fun, keep me updated if you are in town that night.
    Like previous years, a group of CSers will go to the outdoor Grand Ball to celebrate with dance, music, fireworks and balloons: join in!
    http://lesfeeriesduvieuxmontreal.info/?tag=feeries-du-vieux-montreal http://oldmontrealextravaganza.info http://montreal.tv/portail/blog/tag/le-grand-bal
    Thanks Yan.

    John, maybe we should check the party out at Daniel's place? I wrote to him for details, will keep you posted. You are right, sledding might not work out that night.
    well i am still unsure i will be in Montreal. if i am here, or even if I am not, here is what you should do: bring a sled and go to Murray Hill Park in Westmount (also called King George Park) http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=king+geroge+park+westmount&sugexp=chrome,mod%3D17&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&sa=N&tab=wl . from the street cote st antoine you will see green boards on the side of the hill where you could go sledding (the hill isnt so so big but its fun and free and its a nice park). go up that hill, then go down on your butt. You must try not to make too much noise and get ready to run or become a tree if the banana police comes (it is illegal to be in a park after 11PM and it is also illegal to drink in public). I have never had problems there, just a warning that if you see someone who looks like a security you should hide because they can give you a fine$$ if they are having a bad day. If I am there I can lend you my sled and show you some cool sledding moves. Hopefully there will be snow! If you don't have a sled I'm sure you could make your own, there must be a good youtube video out there.

    oh yeah! You will find out many activities here! Just surf! ;)
    Hey Sash and others! I'll also be dropping in Montreal for New Years so maybe we can meet up and search for good stuffs together :)
    Thank you all! We finally decided to celebrate the New Year's in Montreal style by going to the Grand Ball! Yay! Please send me a message if anyone is interested to meet up.

    Doris....let me know!

    They are having a very sexy new year party.

    Your link is for a Christmas event and they are looking for something to do on New Year's Eve...
    Hi Sas and everyone else,

    My four (international) friends and I are also visiting Montreal in the New Years eve. We would love to join the crowd, and celebrate New Years in the Montreal style.

    The CSevent TONIGHT for the meeting place for the outdoor popular ball & fireworks & ice-skating & clubbing under the stars is here:

    See you tonight around 11pm?

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