• Hello my dear CSers,
    I'm back! Together with the NO PANTS SUBWAY RIDE! Ahhhhhh I'm so excited :)

    For those who do not know what it is, it's never too late!
    Here is the video:

    As self-explanatory as the name is, NO PANTS SUBWAY RIDE is you riding in the subway/metro as usual, reading a book, listening to music, or doing whatever you usually do, only WITHOUT your pants. Of course, you don't know anyone else who also "forget" their pants at home or those who think it's too warm to wear pants :)
    It started as a joke in NYC, but now it has grown to a global phenomenon in which fun-loving people (like me hahaha) take this opportunity to laugh, love, live to the fullest the moment, and of course, to take off our pants. :)
    And it's organized by an amazing organization called IMPROVE EVERYWHERE (which i highly suggest you guys to check out: http://improveverywhere.com)

    So much for my babbling, time for the details:
    MEETING POINT: Jan. 13th (Sunday) 13:30
    PLACE: métro Atwater sortie Sainte-Catherine
    INSTRUCTIONS: http://improveverywhere.com/2013/01/07/no-pants-subway-ride-2013-details-for-new-york/#more-4763
    Although the instructions are only for NYC, there are a lot of tips that you might need for your first ride :)

    So I'm actually thinking of grabbing brunch before the meeting so we could at least know each other before we see each other without pants ;) What do you guys think?
    I'll create an event here on CS :) Can't wait to see you guys. xoxo

    I want to visit at Canada, but I don't know some one live at those. so really want u to help me very much.can u help me?
    I did it last year in Barcelona, it was so much fun! Let's go Montreal!
    I'm not the person who organizes the event in montreal so I've no idea how many people would come. But one thing to be sure is that we are gonna have a blast no matter what :)

    Come and join us! I'm thinking about grabbing lunch/brunch/food before taking off our pants together :)
    Is it Possible to make it Saturday instead of Sunday ????????
    Hi Mohammad,
    I don't think it would be possible since it's on the same day everywhere all over the world -- Jan. 13th.

    Hi Alexander,
    Sure I'll keep you posted. Excited! :)

    BTW, I will really appreciate it if someone could give me a lift from Toronto to Montreal that day, and even better the return trip :)

    Don't expect too much, as this event is not very popular in Montreal. Mainly because the temperatures at this time of year are quite cold...
    hahaha that's what makes us sexy! ;)

    Patrick, do you have any events organized between Jan. 15th to 18th? I missed a lot of events you organized last time I was in town and I hope I could finally meet the famous Patrick this time! :)
    Ha ha ha ... We will catch cold if get naked a the subway! :p
    Hi Fan,

    Nothing planned yet for those dates. You are missing out on a Fika at a nice Persian café this week, by the way! ;-)

    Will try to set up something next week, so you can meet the famous (or infamous!) Patrick and plenty of other nice people besides!!! :P
    Hi Patrick!
    May I ask you what Persian cafe, if you don't mind please? I just wanna know the name. :)
    It's called Byblos, le Petit Café. It's on rue Laurier...
    Btw, before taking off our pants we must make sure that we have good under pants under!:)) so be careful! :p
    Hi Patrick,
    please please do so! I'll be in town from 15th to 18th and I'd love to meet more lovely people! :)

    Hi Henri,
    Yes yes!!! Just not tooooooooo sexy ;)

    Could I have a bit more specifications about where we meet, please? Where in the metro? It's hard to find a specific group when you all have your pants on :p
    check the group on facebook!

    Metro Atwater exit Sainte catherine

    hoho i will be there!! see you guys without pants on the 13th! :p
    This is getting more and more exciting! :)
    This is cool, if I don't have a cold any more I join, though the metro in montreal is a nice 20 degrees and sunday it is not gone be cold.
    We are 70 people so far. :)
    Wow! No pants in January!
    Hi all,
    I'm so sorry to say it, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it to Montreal on 13th... I'll be there two days late on the 15th :( I sincerely apologize.

    But I totally think that you guys should still grab lunch/brunch and be pantless afterwards! I'm sure you will have a blast!!!

    And I'll be in town from 15th to 18th so if anyone is free to hang out, let me know!

    Again, I apologize :(

    Have fun,

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