• Hey folks. What's up? My name is Rogerio from Brazil, but you can call me Roger. I am 28 years old and I have a dream to live in Montreal. I am a skilled worker in IT. I am Bachelor of Information Systems (4 years), I have a Postgraduate Degree of Information Technology Management (over 1 year) and I have one MBA in Project Management. I've worked in IT area for over 7 year (only in Brazil). I am proficient in English and I started to study French today. I am creating a project about this my purpose and I really need some value information. So, if you have some information to help me, let me know. I really appreciate. In the future if you could help me in my first week there, let me know too. If you know about one company that could be a sponsorship to help apply for a Temporaly Work or Permanent Resident, it could be amazing. I am not looking for to be rich there, I just would like a new challenge for my life and find out one company to give me recognition. I really would like be a Canadian Citizen one day and I promise to follow the all local rules. I am studying a lot about the Montreal and I am falling in love for this city. I don't have Criminal Conviction and I always followed the rules in my country. I am proactive and eager to learn new things, I learn new tasks very quickly, I work well in a group setting, I am a self-starter, I look forward to personal and professional growth by aiding in the growth and success of the company and Canada.

    CSer's Experience
    I've helped a lot of suffers in my city and I aready travelled to U.S. as a CSer and It was amazing.

    I think that's it. Thank you in advance for any help and information.
    I think it will be easier to get a Student visa if you register somewhere to learn French. Once you are here it will be easier for a company to interview you and help you get a work visa.

    Good luck!
    Thank you a lot bro for your information. Just more one thing. Do you have a tip for a place? I have no idea about where I could go there in Montreal. I am gonna need a cheap place for 2 guys for start. Thank you in advance.
    I am trying to find out a sponsorship in Montreal to apply for a Temporary Work Visa, but if I don't find one I am gonna apply for a Student Visa (I need to learn French and I already started to study by myself here). I already have an American Visa (USA) and I've been there and came back to Brazil. I think it will be help me to get the Canadian Visa. I'm also studying how to apply to Permanent Resident as Skilled Work (Quebec Process). I've saved some money in Brazil for this project. It's not much and this is why I am studying a lot before to do anything. Look, I am studying a lot for this new step in my life. I created a project for that. It's not just one adventure. I am very serious about my purpose. I hope I've been clear. The point is I am thinking and studying everything before to do anything.

    About the America, It's really hard to get a document in America and I don't wanna be illegal there or in Canadian. I would like to do the right thing. By the way, I love Quebec more than USA.

    Thank you for you information. I really appreciate if you ask your Brazilian friend about to send me his email. I really would like to be in touch with him and ask him some questions.

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.