• Hi guys!! My friend and I are visiting Kenya from the 29th of March until the 7th of April. We are looking for a Budget Safari in terms of accommodation (sleeping in tents and so) and we would be very grateful if any of you could give us some advice or recommendation. We also want to find a nice and well located hostel in Nairobi and Mombasa so any ideas would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you very very much!!! So excited to visit your wonderful country!
    Hi Irene,
    I have just send you an email on your profile on the message column. ADVENTURE DRAGON SAFARIS is the best budget safari company with daily departures from Nairobi to various parks. They also give free pickups from the airport on arrival to where you stay in Nairobi.
    The accommodation in Nairobi can be in Milimani backpackers, YMCA hostels or Upper Hill campsite. In Mombasa, you can stay at the Mombasa backpackers which is in north coast near Bamburi public beach.
    My website: www.daventuredragonsafaris.com or info@adventuredragonsafaris.com
    Feel free for more information


    Mobile: +254724207698
    Hi Irene,
    I beleive you are doing well. I am able to organize this for you and have a homestay in Mombasa which I can also give at a very very fair price. I can be able to get you a clean budget hotel BB at $38 ($19 per person) per night.

    I am available to chat so let me know if we can and we can discuss this further.
    will you want to join with anyone for safari?
    Hy Irene,willing to help.Got many budget hostels like the youth friendly ones called Hotel-Greton,Green hotel,Kenya lodge,Kenya hostel.Get in touch with me i hook you up with budget safaris for as low as $80pppd inclusive of meals but minus entryfees to camps,taxes,annuities of personal nature & flights.Contact:ciatluxtravel@gmail.com(call+254712483612)
    you are welcome.
    when you arrive lets meet over coffee
    whats your pocket size{ proposed budget}
    working with figures makes the itinerary planning and safari logistics easier
    Thank you just check on this site www.downtownbackpackers.co.ke
    Hey Irene, There are different hostels in nairobi you could check in to, one is Nairobi National youth hostel, The Ymca hostel and the other option is homestay which am also running one, you could check my blog for homestay volunteerwithsabina.blogspot.com and the rest have websites too, just type in the name on google
    you are welcomed in kenya
    hi.welcome to Kenya.
    hope we bump on each other when you arrive.
    drop me a line your arrival dates
    Hello Irine,
    First I'll confess we don't come across many South Americans traveling around in (East) Africa. So, karibu sana (most welcome in kiswahili), come enjoy the warmth, the smiles, the sun, the sea, the sand and most of all of course the fascinating wild side of african flora and fauna. Please visit our website; www.afro-masala-adventure.com and let us hear from you.
    Greetings from Nairobi, Omo
    i recommend you contact one firm
    rama safaris & home stays
    Diani beach Mombasa but also have offices in Nairobi

    happy traveling and do favour us with you safari report on return
    we do free accommodation but you buy food (NGO ) email farnmatt@yahoo.co.uk
    mcf safaris is a good company.the thing is most of the prices are dependant of what you want or like where you are travelling to and the type of hotel you want.hotels also vary in prices depending on where it is located and hoe classy it is,you can get a good hotel for aroung ksh 4000 to6,0000,depending on which part of town it is. if
    you know where you want to go and how mush you want to spend on hotel it would be easy to you advice
    hi Irene! can have a good place for you and your friend

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