• Hey Everyone. I just arrived in Nanjing a few days ago to start a new TEFL job. I'm hoping to meet some local friends to help discover my new city, and do some language exchange. 我会说一点中文 :)

    I'm up to go out and see the sights, meet up for coffee/ drinks, or whatever suggestions you might have. Let me know!
    Hi, I'm allen, nanjing local. I do hope to meet some friends from other countries. Anyway, fortunately, there's a kinda of a party will be held on next saturday, If u want , u can join us!
    Have a nice day!
    i don't have more time for language exchange anymore myself, since i'm studying another language. but come check out some of our local activities, Ben. there are chinese friends in our group who are friendly and also up for some language exchange.Good luck with life in Nanjing!
    hello,Oliveri, when do you leave Nanjing?
    i have some final exams recently
    i am glad to show you Nanjing when i'm free
    hi,i am a student in a Nanjing university. i am gold to let you know about Nanjing.you can contact me with email:inczent@me.com
    Hey, Ben, I am also new here and need some friends. We can do the language exchange. I am good at english (let's say so, :)) beginner of german and excellent of Chinese, lol. Hope to hear from you again. pls send me an email light2010.aiesec@gmail.com, thanks
    hi,i am a student in Nangjing university,i am very happy to show you the nanjing ,i hope to be friend with you
    Hi Ben, I'm a local nanjing photographer with a local university job. And I'm kind of on vocation these days. It's a great idea to show you friends my hometown and enjoy ourselves together. I'm also looking for some potential foreign teachers if possible. Hit me, any time you like.
    I'm a jornalist working in Nanjing Daily, and very glad to be a friend with you and guide you around this old city.
    Though I am not nanjing local, I know a lot of fantsy places, I rather enjoy travelling and adventuring
    my English is not excellent actually, haha, but I speak a fluent and standard Chinese, this mid year I will go to pursue my master dgree in HK or Japan, so maybe we can exchange language~

    PS I know a lot about Taiwan ! haha
    wish u good luck in Nanjing
    Hello, Welcome to Nanjing. I'm in Nanjing now. But I will go back to my hometown tomorrow afternoon cuz the winter holiday is coming. If possible, I can companion u this evening. 2013.1.24
    Hi,Ben. I ve lived in nanjing for five years since I attended my university here.
    My new year wish is would read english novels all by myself without a dictionary.
    Very gald to talk to you, you may help me with that.
    Would you recommend some fictions for me?
    You can add my in skype:dingshuoleemitsu
    or facebook:http://www.facebook.com/sonyding
    hi,Ben,welcome to nanjing,haha,there are so many friends here to welcome you,so you can organize a new friends meeting ,haha...
    welcome to Nanjing,i'm a local girl Caire as well as a junior .i can speak english and i would like to be your language partner.if u want to contact me ,u can add my e-mail (1975145333@qq.com).
    hey bud, welcome.

    I'm leaving for france tomorrow, but will definitely be down for a brew when I get back late feb. Its a great CS community here, pretty tight knit considering Nanjing is a pretty "small" city.

    Here are some tips,
    florentina 1 and 2 - lots of imported beers, really really reasonable prices, great company as well.

    pisa pizza - worth going to even if you're not sick of chinese food (which i never am) legit naples style thin crust woodfired brick oven pizza.

    xuanwulake is bad ass to walk around, and its free!

    Lotus bakery makes fresh bread daily, and legit cheesecake

    purple mountain is still free for a few months till it gets warm again.

    I rock climb every week at nanjing normal university and will be going outdoors, when it warms up.

    The club scene is flimsy, but it exists, for which I am grateful. Goodluck, see you when we get back 2/21

    I will be back in NJ one month later,now i am in a county of NJ, if you still wanna make friends then, we can keep in touch~
    Hello, I love the outdoors, to participate in Nanjing on foot, short trip can contact me. I hope we can become friends! I teach you Chinese, you teach me english! There is a need to contact me!
    hey Ben.I live in Ma'anshan is 40mins far from Nanjing.
    And if its ok we could hangout sometimes haha.
    I can help u with your chinese and My english really need some improve.
    so if its possible you can contact me with email skylaryoungyun@hotmail.com btw I'm Skylar :)
    Hey!I am Rachel.I study in nanjing.And I think I have much free time on weekend.I think we can hang out sometimes.
    well,i am local and study in university, i received the email in my outlook. contact me if u want,you may have a tourism year card(RMB200and sell in every tourist attracton) first and i believe you'll enjoy your trip around~my19940625@hotmail.com,we can keep contact by e-mail,元宵节快乐~
    Helloooo,im an uni student here,hope to meet u up:)
    hi , i am Elena from NJ, and think you might be interested in sign up on the website Hellonanjing, since there are great many members more participatory from all the countries around the world,also many chinese as well of course which might get more of your interest, most importantly, you could put a post related to whatever you are into and will get so many response very shortly.
    Good luck Ben!
    hi ,i am from nanjing,but i am not in nanjing now~i am having my university study in sanya.welcome to sanya.
    my mun is a very nice woman .i think she can give you so many useful help.she has had many foreign childeren,from france ,germany, brazil,turkey...you can surch for 'Bei Pei'
    I am in Yangzhou ,1 hour from Nanjing ,if you come Yangzhou I can take you travel Yangzhou
    I am in Southeast Univercity, Nanjing.
    I think you know it.
    I love traveling.
    I love Chinese traditional culture and be interested in other countries.
    I want to make friends with you.
    What's more, I am patient and friendly.
    If you want, you can contact with me.

    hi this is sean. i live in nanjing. if there is anything i can do for u .let me know. i would try my best to help u .here is my e-mail adress:tan_chenghao@126.com.and here is my phone number:15651036559. call me maybe .24/7
    hi first i'd like to introduce myself i am studying in nanjing yes i am,not the local friend but i am sure i can help you to discover the nanjing ,if you are interested in famous spots ,love to" waste "time to drink coffee ,i can company with you.hope your reply,
    Hi! I'm a TEFL teacher,too. But I'm just good at reading. Also, I'm interested in outdoor sports like hiking and climbing. I can guide U to some interesting places. Text me~~
    welcome to china.I am student.I university in Bengbui. Bengbu is a city close to Nanjing.my English is not good.so I need some friend native in English.so I hope to be friend with you .thank you

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