• Dear all,

    This is the first time I use this website so I beg your pardon if the demand is a bit direct...
    I am a 26 YO French guy living at the moment in Singapore.
    I wanted to live the CNY and its celebration in an exciting place and I thought that Hong Kong was the right place! I have then my flights but hotel/hostels are very expensive during this period.
    I plan to stay 5 days from friday to wednesday...
    Would someone about my age guy or girl like to welcome me for this period and would be ready to show a bit of his (maybe host) city? I think we could have great fun! I am an easy person and normally fun guy, whatever the culture :).

    Of course, if we become friends, what I have no doubt about, I will welcome you in Sin
    gapore if you plan/want to come later... I have a nice empty couch in a nice area!
    Hope to hear from you very soon!

    Many thanks
    I can show you the city if you need some guide.
    Hey man, I'm not a local and neither do I live, but I'm flying solo, if you're okay to share a double bed room in the hostel sounds good to me , I am also going to spend the chinese new year over there and I know that is kind of expensive the living during the new year period . Anyway, we can meet up to enjoy the chinese new year and have some drinks with other people after
    what do you think ?
    I'm not a local at all, but I'll be getting into Hong Kong on Sunday the 20th. I'd love to meet some people for drinks or a meal or anything :)
    looking to help me here in hongkong to show me around a liittle bit.im i filipina.
    Hi guys,
    thanks for answering and especially so quickly!
    @Fion : OK why not but I hope to find a friend to surf in and hopefully he/she will be also my guide sometimes :).
    @Joao : if I don't find, we might share a room yes, but I would rather going to couchsurf
    @Elisabeth : I am only from 8th to 13th of February, impossible to meet sorry, I will be back in Singapore!
    @Mhutz : it will be my first time in hong kong but we may meet as with Joao!

    thanks very much for your comments, waiting some other :).
    Hey Max, I don't have a couch to offer to you. Sorry. You can keep looking.
    Okay man, When you figure it out, send me an inbox, so we can see the room. I also would love to get a couch but lately is being very difficult to find.

    Each single room is about 220-250 HKD , sharings rooms is about 130 - 150 HKD each

    Best regards bro
    For the moment, I still did not find any couch guys?
    Everybody is off from HK for CNY?? :)

    agree with Aishah Kamaruddin, maybe really no couch during CNY,how about come to my city (Xi'an)? I can leave my couch to you :-P
    The true is the rental price of an apartment in Hong Kong is extremely high!!!!! You will see how crowded when you get here. Google it. So most of the family in HK couldn't offer a couch even if we really want to.
    Maybe you can keep looking for a counch on this website.
    Or you can go to some hostel.
    These are my recommadation:


    or this one


    Some of my friends used to stay in this two place before and I think they're fine. These locations are perfect. But just don't expect big space and the inside decoration. You can get a bed and a bathroom.

    If you need any help you can send message to me.

    Have a nice trip here.
    i am a local student just back from my exchange
    i may be able to show you around it depends on which day
    CNY is the time for family
    so, i need to spend a few days with my family
    but i really want to show you my city
    Hi guys,

    thank you so much for participating!
    @Lee and Aishah : I agree with you girls, very difficult to find someone free for this period... :(
    @ Lee : is you city not far from HK :p, lol! Too bad I would love having your couch :).
    @ Fion : crazy expensive yes and it's my first time so prefer go with someone nice :). I will look at your websites though! Thank you for letting me know these options!
    @Cecilia : it could be cool to go stroll with someone... You do not have a couch too by any chance :p lol. you can contact me by message if you want we try to meet to visit somewhere during these days...

    thanks to you guys! Hopefully someone will propose me a place to stay...would be welcome back in Singapore if wants ;)
    @Fion : absolutly no space for the 5 days in the one you gave me ...:(
    Hi Max!
    C'est Monia à Hong Kong. Je parle un peu Français (juste un peu....@.@). Et je peux vous montrer autour de hk pendant CNY. Mais je suis seulement libre pour un ou deux jours....qu'est-ce que vous pensez?
    @Monia : tu parles bien francais oui! Et bien Monia, je ne sais pas si j'aurais le temps de voir tout le monde qui me propose de me promener avec eux... Bcp de gens m'ont proposé, vraiment sympa.
    J'ai bcp plus de mal, cependant, pour trouver une petite place pour dormir chez qqn. HK semble doté de tellement petit appartement et puis c'est la mauvaise periode, tout le monde va feter le fete en famille.
    Je me concentre donc pour le moment sur le surfing, je verrai la visite apres ... Mais merci bcp pour ta proposition.

    A bientot peut etre!
    Hotel in HK during CNY is crazy ....
    Sorry that I can't offer u a place to stay but for sight seeing, I may can help :)
    Welcome to HK

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