• Hi guys!!

    I will be in Hong Kong for 3 nights. My birthday is in 14th of February and apart from reniew my visa i'm totally free to make a plan and celebrate my birthday. I really want to be arouund nice people and have fun togueterin this special day. I can make a nice tortilla and for sure go out!!

    Also I wanna go to the beach on Friday and Saturday seeing beautifull places. If someone have any idea, recommendation{beaches, places to go, to sleep....everything is wellcome.

    Hi Beatriz,
    I will also be in Hong Kong from friday afternoon till sunday to do some tourism. I would be pleased also to meet some people and have some fun.
    Cool to have birthday on V. day!
    hey beatriz! I'm also in HK! where are you staying?
    Would love to celebrate you Bday with you and meet some others!
    Let me know if you have any ideas...
    c u soon!


    Now finally i found a hostel but is too expensive in a really small shit room. Tomorrow I have to meet with one guy to reniew my visa an at night i will be free to celebrate my birthday. I hope found another place less expensive maybe in Hong Kong Island. My plan is go on Friday to Lamman to spend the day in the beach doing some hiking and Saturday go to another small beuatifull island and then maybe we can go to the couchsurfinfg meeting (sounds great no?) here is my HK number 56433590. If anyone wants to meet with me maybe just text!!
    Hey let's meet up today for your birthday and go out with a bang!

    Wanna hike? Come up to Yuen Long and we can catch a light rail to do the Ping Shan Heritage Trail.

    Jeffrey @ +86 18801203087 (Beijing number)
    Hi Beatriz,
    Happy B-day & Valentine Day!!
    I'm free tonight and would love to join.. just let me know whats your plan for tonight.. maybe we can catch up together & drink afterward!!
    My contact : 9720 6060. See u!!
    hey are you actually doing sth for your stay? please keep us posted! happy bday in advance:)
    Feliz cumpleaños! Yo también estoy un paar de días aquí. Parece que quieres ver los lugares naturales de HK. El sábado voy con un amigos tb de CS a hacer senderismo (ligero) a la Lamma island. Si te quieres apuntar, escríbeme. O tb para salir por el finde!
    Hey Juan, what time are you and your friends going to Lamma Island on Saturday?
    Hi guys!!

    Yesterday finally i went out but I was tired and i didn't found anyone. Today i will go out. What about meet out of the bar called Zinc and then decide another place to go?Today I was inn Lamman, really recommended. I don't want to repeat the same place so my plan is going to another island called Cheung Chau to bike around and also sty bin the beach...i need take the sun :) if someone wants join me and at night maybe we can meet again for a drink.

    I love dance salsa so maybe we can go to Coyote (i hear that this place is good.

    Tonight i will meet with another CS in central. Give me a call if you wanna join. 56433590

    Hey! I live on Lamma Island- nice beaches, you take a ferry to YSW Pier, Lamma Island from Central. I can't hike the island with you, I have terrible extensor tendonitis, but I'd love to get a drink with you at the end of the day. Happy Birthday!

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.