• Hello everybody. I am new to New York as I have just moved here from Brazil to be a Au Pair. Would anybody like to get a coffee or drink sometime and help show me around? I'm also trying to figure out this couchsurfing site.

    No problem. I will be out and about the city tomorrow, Sunday January 19th. I can be reached at : 347-489-0405. My name is James and send me your facebook ad if you desire. I have a vehicle and get around to Manhattan from Brooklyn where I live.
    Hi I'm joe. I'll show you around!
    hi michelle, id like to hang out. let me know.
    Welcome to NY i'm sure you like it here, after all its NY... hey i'm sure I would have like to travel there myself if I had the time...
    hI,i am an aupair in NY,too.Can i help you?hahaha,my email is lynklady@sina.com
    I'm new to New York as well! I'm from California, but I've been an au pair in Rome and London.
    Hi Michelle,

    Check out the advice on this page: http://www.couchsurfing.com/tips

    Also, one thing that happens often to women on Couchsurfing is that men will email them offering to show them around the city, or to have dinner. Sometimes this offer is genuine, and he's just a nice guy that likes to show travelers around, but often the man is looking for something more than friendship. If the guy emailing has very few or no references, he is almost certainly looking for something more than friendship. One way to test for this is to say that you would be happy to go if you can find another traveler or two to join you with him, or that you will meet him with your boyfriend.

    For this reason, I usually don't offer to meet with Couchsurfers by myself, but invite them join me to hang out with my friends, or to group events such as the weekly meetup that we have every Thursday from 8:30pm to 1am at a bar called Central Bar: https://www.couchsurfing.org/meetings.html?mid=175699
    This is a safe way to meet Couchsurfers: in a public place, with many other people around. About 50-60 people, all Couchsurfers, come to this event each week.

    Also look for other group activities to join on this page: https://www.couchsurfing.org/search/activity/in/city/4074408

    If there is a specific restaurant that you want to go to, you can also create your own activity! :) I hope this advice helps, and if you come to one of the weekly meetups, please find me and say hello. Cheers!

    Another CS member wrote to me and expressed that it was a bit harsh that I said, "If the guy emailing has very few or no references, he is almost certainly looking for something more than friendship", because how can you say that about all the new people who sign up? Perhaps it was... so I will say a bit more: yes, everyone is new on the website at some point, and at that point has no friends or references.

    However, what some people also do is that if they receive a negative reference, they delete the profile and start a new profile. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell the difference between someone who has joined Couchsurfing for the first time, and someone who has joined Couchsurfing for the fifth time.

    In summary, not all males who have no friends or references on Couchsurfing are looking for more than just friendship (and just because a guy has many references does *not* mean the opposite). Any time a guy offers to show you around or meet for dinner, be careful and trust your instincts.
    Thanks Juanito! :) - like for this :)
    ... or scare shit out of people here, either way. haha. That's just a common thing where ever you go or any strangers you talk to, should always come with caution lol
    Hey people! I'm going to NYC on Feb 19 and I'm also a girl that will be alone in NYC. Maybe we can all get together someday and hang out, what do you think? =) CS weekly meetup? And Michelle, sou brasileira também ;)
    Welcome to CS and NY Michelle. Let me know if you are doing a meet up with others. I'd love to meet up with you because I'm trying to plan a trip to South America this March and could definitely use some advice about Brazil.

    Thumbs up for Juanito as well! "Common sense" often gets lost in the wind sometimes. Good to always point it out every once in a while.
    Hi Michelle!
    Seja bem vinda.

    If you need any help, let me know, I am from Brazil, I have a websito that helps brazilians to discover this amazing city.
    If you want add me in the facebook or check the website in my profile.
    Beijos, até mais.
    Olá, Michelle, would love to meet up with you and anyone who replied to find some fun things to do. Bjos!
    hola en agosto voy me gustaria recorrer la ciudad si puedes me ayudas saludos gracias martin de barquiisimeto venezuela

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