• Hello!! how are you ? i am going to new york in april, and i wanted to know if there is any way to find discounts on broadway tickets, and also, which of the broadway shows do you recomend me. If you know about other shows not so commercial to see, that you can recommend me, please tell me. thank you :) :)
    Camila ~

    You can check on groupon.com periodically they have discounts...What type of show are you looking to see ? I have some friends that perform acrobatics...
    This site give you info on where in the city you can go the day of teh show to get tickets. As an alternative, many theaters offer raffle, standby and standing room only. For the raffle you would look up the show you want to see, what time it starts and then get there a little prior to 2 hours before the performance. They hold a raffle for seats, typically 20 or so front row seats and they sell them for $30-40 instead of a few hundred. Send me a message if you have any questions.
    Hello Camila, I´m going to NYC in April too, how long will u stay there? Where are you from? Kisses
    Thank you very much for all the information !!! i am looking at those pages, but i don´t really understand what does rush, lottery and standing room means, since i don´t have such a thing in my country. do you think people from other countries can use this benefits ?? thank you again :)

    and mathew, i am interested on the acrobatics.
    i hope to watch lion king but its too expensive for me, i hope there are cs members who are cast of the show so we can get in with discounts or maybe free.. how i wish..

    i did watched the phantom and also mary poppins.
    OK, here is a looooong message I posted a while ago explaining everything. Enjoy reading! :)
    People usually suggest a place called TKTS. While TKTS is a good way to get cheap tickets... but it is not the best way to get cheap tickets.

    TKTS is good if, on the day you want to see a show, you are not sure what show you want to see, so you can choose from all the shows that have same-day discount tickets available (including many Off-Broadway shows).

    But there are other ways. This link gives the policies for "general rush", "student rush", lottery, and "standing room only" tickets: http://www.playbill.com/celebritybuzz/article/82428-Broadway-Rush-Lottery-and-Standing-Room-Only-Policies

    General rush tickets are same-day tickets available to buy at the theater that haven't been sold yet. These are the same tickets that are sold at TKTS.

    Student rush tickets: if you have picture student ID from any university (US or foreign, age does not matter), you can buy discounted same-day tickets to many shows, sometimes at a price even lower than TKTS (some shows only have student rush, not general rush), but only at the theater, not at TKTS. Some shows you have some choice of seats, others you simply have to take the seats they sell you.

    Lottery tickets: there are some shows like Wicked and The Book of Mormon that are sold out for three or more months in advance, but two hours before every show there is a lottery for a certain number of tickets, and if your name is drawn, you can purchase 1 or 2 tickets at a discount price. But you can enter the lottery only at the theater, not at TKTS.

    Standing room only tickets: The Book of Mormon is one show (there may be others) where if you stand in a certain line before the show, you can purchase a discounted ticket (for the same day only) where you stand in the back of the theater or in the aisle for the entire duration of the show (you cannot sit down), and watch from there.

    Another site that has similar information is

    It sometimes shows discounts that Playbill doesn't and vice-versa.

    So... if you want discounted same-day tickets and you know what show you want to see, I would recommend going directly to that show's box office when it opens in the morning to get general or student rush tickets (if that show offers them). You don't have to wait for TKTS to open, you avoid the long lines and waiting at TKTS (at any time of day that I have gone to the box office, there were never more than 10 people ahead of me), and you get better tickets than waiting in line at TKTS.

    One more website with lottery information: http://www.nytix.com/Links/Broadway/lotteryschedule.html

    Oh, and if you are interested in acrobatics, if you are still here in March, Cirque du Soleil is opening a show called Totem on 14 March 2013: http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/americas/usa/new-york.aspx
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    The website http://www.broadwaybox.com/ posts discount codes for many Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Enjoy your visit!
    Don´t miss Fuerza Bruta if still on when you come. Just went last night and I´m still amazed! :-)

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