• Hey everyone,

    At the moment I am studying near Toronto and I definitely want to visit NY!! Next week I would have 4 days off and I was thinking of going to NY... Do you think that´s enough time to get to know the city a little bit, or should I go there after studying when I have more time? thx
    4 days are enough to explore the city I think. There are not much to see if you don't want to visit ALL the museums and see ALL the shows/concerts.
    Hi paul, how are you getting from Toronto to NYC? I'll be there next week too and will be heading to Toronto to look for work after my trip there.
    To 靚蘭 範,

    I don't know what is the definition of visiting NYC for You or even visiting a city because I walk from 6h30 in the morning till midnight since 6 days and I still have seen only a small part of NY.

    There are people living in NYC for years that still discover things ! You now that NYC covers an arean of 1 214,4 km2 right ?
    "there is not much to see" I hope you're joking.

    To Paul : 4 days is good too now a very small part of the city but it is always something. ;)
    Thanks for your answers! I will see how I will feel after 5 days of camping in winter in Canada! :D

    Seb, I am not sure yet, if I find some others we might rent a car here in Guelph (one hour from Toronto) or otherwise I would take the megabus. do you know how you will get there?
    I am not joking, just how I feel.
    Paul--the answer to your question depends on how much money you have to spend. If you can spare it, I surely recommend spending 5-6 full days here after you finish your studies. And my best advice to you is to avoid cramming your schedule with too many "tourist" sites. They are worthwhile, but those who have most enjoyed the city are those who have slowed down to really absorb everyday life here. Reserve some time to sit in a cafe in SoHo and watch the beautiful people go by. Or stroll the famous Brooklyn Bridge (One of the best views of the Manhattan skyline is the walk back from the Brooklyn side to the Manhattan side, especially at dusk). Or pack a picnic lunch and get some sun on the Great Lawn in Central Park. Not to be missed is a subway ride to Battery Park City's (the southern tip of Manhattan) gorgeous riverfront promenade. Walk along the lush greenery and lampost lighted walkway with its view of the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island. You get the idea.

    I was very surprised by the first reply that wrote there is not much to see apart from the museums and shows. Really? I was born in this city and I have not even seen half of what is on offer.
    I agree with Piotr's post above - to make a statement that "there's not much to see" in NYC is pretty ignorant - I met a Couchsurfer this afternoon, in fact, and told her that although I've lived here practically all of my life, there's still plenty I haven't seen...

    Paul, I'd try to allow yourself as much time as possible in NYC as 4 days might feel a bit rushed...do yourself a favor and try to get outside of Manhattan and see the outer boroughs a bit, and if you need a place to crash and don't mind venturing out to Queens, let me know and I'd be happy to host!
    4 days is definitely not enough to see everything. Prioritize based on your mood and spend as much time you can. I notice that time flies quick over here and you might realize you can't do it all at one time.

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