• Im a want to be photographer and like shooting and trying new things. As i am busy till late (around 19) every night i thought maybe if there is someone or people out there like me who would like to go out and do some night shooting?

    I want to find that warm looking bar or place even better when its raining to give the view a feel and a look of the light reflecting on the road outside, form the windows.

    If you like to join me i think it would be a blast. Maybe start with something like karlsplatz for eg. Or maybe you want to have a picture taken there by me, we could set it up nice.

    Either way, i want to see what or where we or i can take some night photography.

    PS please if you are new at this, or a pro DONT feel shy to come out and shoot along side me ( as you might feel intimidated ) believe me im a fun guy who is learning and loves photography. So dont let that hold you back. =)
    Hey Giovanni,

    Cool man, yes lets plan. Im already excited that i wont be shooting along again! So let see, Wen-Friday evenings work best this week for me. I get off work around 18:00 so we can meet 33-52 after that or latter, it does not bother me.

    You have any good ideas of spots? I also like the building right there beside the Karlsplatz.

    I do a big diversity of photography from street photography ( like people ) to texture and old broken buildings. Been shooting a few years now and hoping to get into weddings and NGO's as i love people and helping.

    BUT as for now in my head i see some sweet pics and want to try and achieve this. Oh even if we find some old cobble stone street with fog (would be sweet) lights some windows and maybe a couple walking down it. Would be sweet.
    But hey! dont let me make it all about me, if you have ideas and thoughts too. Im down! I am just brain storming here.

    So lets go from here, time, place, and thoughts. Maybe even others will join us or we shoot alone, either way it should be fun, make some good memories and i hope some good pics too!
    Yes i can make it for tomorrow night. Nancy your more then welcome to come along too. So before tomorrow lets figure out where and when and go from there. I will throw out and say we all meet at the Stefan's Plz church. Just at the top of the elevators there. Between 20:00-20:30 time so we can all make it. Sad i get off work so late, hence the night shooting.
    I dont have a phone just my itouch, but if i need to call anyone of you i can use the hotel phone here.

    Ideas? Will this work for you guys too?
    Actually i can probably make it like 7:33pm vs 8:00.
    Sweet, see you there any any others for night photography at 20:01 today. Top of elevator of Stefan's Pl. i will be the guy with a back pack and tripod. Oh yes that's easy to spot..... Curly hair, German jacket, just standing in one spot :) see you there!
    Hi, I'm Taro.
    I love photography :D I just saw this post and really want to join, if possible. Do you finally have any meeting today (23 Feb)? or on the other days?
    Taro :)
    Hi all and welcome Taro,

    Some of us are meeting today at 20:00 tonight at the Stephansplatz top of the elevator. I will be the the guy with curly hair, German jacket and a bag. Probably with my camera out too. Sorry i dont have a cell =( but i will hang around for a few just in case some of you are running late or miss a train, then we are off to.

    So if you rather, or you are running late go to the Flying Pig.


    to have some drinks and talk.

    After that we go shooting! (yes our cameras).

    Looking forward too meeting you all and having fun and seeing what we can get.
    Cool idea Adrian!!! I will join next week, for sure..after I will buy my tripod!! :)

    Enjoy tonight!!!

    i dont know i can make it at 8pm or not. If not, see you at the club :)
    hey people. sound like a nice idea to me. unfortunately i saw all this just now.. so if it was a good experience and you would like to repeat it, let me know! i would be in!

    see you!
    Indeed i shall do another one next week for sure. This time maybe getting some sweet shots of some of the amazing buildings here in Wein, also some cool magic shots using long exposures and light.

    What to bring if you have it,

    camera (the one that you use)

    a tripod (if you have one) very important for night photography. Or even something to place your camera on to keep it stable.

    a torch, flashlight, Blitzlichter, Taschenlampen you get the idea =) we will used them.

    Dress warm and bring a happy face. =)

    I will update this once i get times dates and place.

    As for the rest of you "Albert" =) i will keep in touch and see you next Thursday at the flying pig. I had a great time chatting and would like to know more of your story and see some more ticks.

    If you like feel free to email me at ab.jungleboy@gmail.com


    I am going to go out scouting the town tomorrow night 28th for some places to do some night shooting. (taking pictures).

    Plan then to have something set up for Wednesday evening the 29 (only get one of those in Feb ever so often) for a photo walk/shooting evening starting around 20:02 yes yes its 02min there =)

    It will be night photography, so have batteries charged, tripod or some device that holds your camera and warm clothing. Bring a flashlight for added magic =)

    We will be meeting just at the top of the elevator of the stephansplatz on that evening.

    Hope to see you all there, pro or armature, want to be or enthusiast.
    I am in!
    But I'm confused a little bit, it will be on 28 or 29 or both days?

    Taro :)
    29th sorry about that. Im going looking around town tonight the 28 for good locations. If you like to come along feel free though.
    hey! i´m not sure yet if i will have time tonight, but if i will i would like to join you! Is the meeting place still 20.02 at stephansplatz? :)
    see you!
    I can't join today, but I will join on the 29th
    Have fun tonight :)
    Yes we are still meeting tomorrow at 20:02 =) I will be there rain or shine. With an umbrella if it rains. Still going out tonight to look for some ideas i have in my head. Buildings and along the river ect.

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Unless you want to brave the rain with me tonight too =)
    last night was crazy! The wind was mad and a few times i had to run after my hat, and hold down the tripod so it would not move, add the rain on the front of the lenses. But it was fun. So im excited for tonight and welcome all.

    Alice feel free to come too, if you like you may use my camera also to get some long exposure shoots unless your camera has this setting too =)

    Same time 20:02 at the top of the (now none working elevator) in front of the church i will be there with a German coat one (old army one) with a bag, curly hair should be a give away =) we will hang there for a few min to make sure anyone who missed there train makes it.

    Then off we go! I want not planing on being out all night =) maybe till about 22:02 and if you need to leave before that NP!

    Dont forget to be warm, bring camera, tripod (if you have one) and your happy face =)

    See you soon.
    Ohhh, I had to work 'till late today. I went there 20 min late and I missed it. I walked around and took few photos before heading back home. Hopefully, we will have another photo meeting soon. Pls show your photos from tonight :D

    Taro :)
    Can You people post some pics which You took ? i would love to join but always had something else planned so have failed to join. But some glimpses of your collective work can help me remove the dust from my camera and join you ppl!

    hope d7000/Nikkor 35mm 1.8 is oki :-)
    I had a fun evening last night, sorry i missed some of you =( i did wait around too.

    I a back on the road to Germany but will be back and will see if i can put some pics up here. But its about what you want to try and create.

    Last night we ( was just two of us ) so we did some tutorials on night photography and tried some ghost pics. Which turned out ok but will work on that and try get some pretty cool ones. Yes we also can play with light, write stuff or create something interesting.

    If you do have a DSLR like Xin said shooting at F11 - F22 at ISO 100 (less noise then) and a 30 second exposure you can make some pretty cool pics. Especially beside body of moving water with a full moon.

    I was thinking next time we go down to the river where the bridges are, so we have moving water, graffiti, lights and try some stuff there. If any of you ladies have some red dress shoes ( like the kind you have at a nice party ) bring them as a prop ( if you dont mind ). Would give a sweet affect. Also bring light, flash light of any kind too. Tripod is a huge thing too shooting in the dark. If you dont have one, you can use mine. I rather you come out and have fun then stay home as you dont have one.

    I look forward to next week, will give time and dates again and i hope to see some of you out there, even better all of you.

    Remember once again this is for amateur to pro, if you love shooting or want some motivation to get out and shoot more come on down. DSLR or point and shoot it all welcome.

    Sorry i missed you Taro! Hope to see you the next time.
    Ok so here we go! This Wednesday night at 20:12 ( figure give some time for the late comers ) Meet same place. Top of elevator at the Stephansplatz with your camera and gear.

    To do some night photography. Seen we are all artistic in some form, it thought we could go down to the river like the previous post states. With the river, graffiti, close to full moon, city lights, and moving trains we could come up with some pretty sweet shots i think.

    Also bring flash light and if any of you ladies are reading this and have a nice pair of dress shoes for a prop that would be very nice, don't worry they will be treated kindly.

    I was thinking of placing them off to one side and focus on them, shooting with a longer exposure, adding light with flash lights to give a picture a feeling of city but romance too, a story. If that does not sound like your thing, no problem! It would be fun to see what we all come away with.

    Maybe bring some other kind of prop, wine bottle with glasses, a old book or sports gear that you love.

    Let me know if you are or might make it. I work long days and its quite a ways for me but i love to hang with you all and have a fun time, i just dont want to get out there and shoot alone.

    Sorry no pics as yet here seen i have been over busy that i have not even been able to work on my own fun stuff. If you have something in mind, come along, share it and we will see what comes of it.

    Not sure if this will embed a video, but for those who want to see some amazing night photography here is some, not mine at all. Just amazing!

    Ball Of Light from Sam Collins on Vimeo.
    hey guys,
    I'm a beginner, when it comes to photography and would love to join you guys. but I'll be coming to Vienna only on 9th and will stay till 12th.
    So please let me know, If you plan to do it again.
    would love to join.
    Yes i am sure i will do one more before i leave Vienna =( and i will let you know too @ Sandeep.
    pleaaasseee... wanna join too Adrián :)

    I'm just so into photography. i just have no idea about. love seeing pictures and would definitely wanna know more about photography.

    had the idea of buying myself a fancy cam - i mean, one for beginners but as well one that you can pimp a bit.
    but, as i said, no idea... ;)

    cheers + thanks

    I'm in Vienna for two weeks, and I'd like to get some pictures of the city. So far I had a quick walk around the center, and I wonder what you plan to shoot where.

    So I'd love to join tonight!

    I'll message you my phone number in case I'm late.

    See you tonight,

    Looking forward to meeting you all tonight from 20:02-20:12 :) at the top of the elevator. Scroll up if you want to know what we are doing.

    Also brink flash lights, warm clothing, any cool props, ladies if you have some sweet dress shoes would be sweet. - scroll to my last big post and you will see what i mean.

    Nancy- we would love to help, i have a few ideas.

    Remember none of us are pros, just love taking pics, trying new things, learning as we go and meeting new people. Also i hope we get some shots that will be posting on our FB pages :)

    Oh yes bring tripod if you have one!

    Lets go freeze time!!!!

    Oh very sorry i dont have a working cell phone! :( Nancy has one and i will be with her :)
    sounds great - but can u go up that late?
    i read that they closing at 16:30?

    No were not going up inside the church just meeting where the elevator of the Uban brings you to the front of the church. Then were walking to the river.

    I will have a umbrella open so you know who i am, at the top of the elevator in front of the church.
    hello! I'm visiting Vienna for one night and I was wondering if anyone is interested to meet up for a shoot or some drinks/chill out! we can talk about photography and I can share some of couchsurfing experiences! it will be cool! will be nice if you can drop me a mail at lepids@gmail.com if you wanna meet up as I'm traveling at the moment! personal website and contact details at www.wongliji.com!

    Cheers people!!!!
    Thanks for every one that made it tonight! It was fun to play with light and even had a live model to shoot! Dont know how she did not freeze?

    I did learn a ton and i see have so much to still learn. Night photography has its challenges.

    Hope to see you all and more of you next time we head out at night.

    Thank you, it made my week already =)

    dear all, I'm fine ;) and ready for next shooting
    (if you want model just let me know hehe)

    It was fun and really cool! It's my first Night photography and first experience with spotlight haha, and I want to do it again! =D

    ah! when you have time please send photos to me :D or just upload and tag me on facebook (here is mine: http://www.facebook.com/Eva.Panittha)
    and my email is panittha.suw@gmail.com

    Ok so are you all ready for another night (well not all night) of photography? My Wednesday is booked with a prior engagement but this Thursday is open for me.

    What is this about or for? Well its for anyone who has a interest in photography or passion. From amateur to want to be pro. Its about hanging out, making mistakes, learning, seeing life at a different time then most people are making pictures, pushing your skills whit others in a way that is fun.

    Last time we went out we had a blast, there was a model, some one brought 3 fill lights, everyone had a DSLR, not that its a requirement. We did not model shooting which i sucked at =( (i need to learn lighting), abstract long exposure shooting, and some light art work that was super cool!

    I did not get my shoot of a pair of sexy ladies shoes (or wine bottle) with the river and graffiti wall that i wanted, hope we can pull that one of this time?

    It was COLD though so do dress warm. Have your batteries charged, bring some kind of other light, props if you have any, and a tripod if you have one too.

    On our walk back last time across the water from where we were was some amazing cool walls with graffiti beside the river there. Maybe we can start there then move on to some other locations.

    So meeting time, 20:02-20:11 Thursday the 15, at the front of the stephansplatz top of the elevator that gets you to the front of the church. There i will be waiting.

    Sorry i have no cell phone =( i know, i was ridiculed last time fro not having one =) but there are usually a few that have one.

    I look forward to meeting you, or meeting some who have come out last time too.
    Why not Tuesday 13th? come on man!

    read this one and come with me! =D http://www.couchsurfing.org/group_read.html?gid=1059&post=11522533
    I really do want to come along on this. I dont think I will have any problem with anything else to do, so just hope i can find where you are meeting.

    I am guessing you mean the Elevator that faces Stephansdom? Which is part of the building with the hotel in it?
    Just wanted to see who all will be making it tonight? I think so far its just Joel and i, but you all are very welcome to come too!

    I lost my battery charger :( the last night we were out there so if by any chance you see a canon battery charger for a 450D please let me know. I figured its long gone by now.

    Hope to see you all tonight.

    Hey i also had a brain storm idea for a pic. Maybe for next week but this will involve people who don't mind being dumb in front of strangers. Not to stupid, the pic will involves motion and trying to capture on lookers expressions. Don't worry if your shy, you shoot i will be the nut. Though i would like to shoot to so if your nutty please show up next week too!

    So what is it? Well wait for next week :)
    I will be there for 20:02 - 20:11

    Albert what time do you finish work and might be at Prater, this is very close to my hotel, so could join you on the way to Stephansplatz, to meet with Adrian.

    I do have a mobile it is just kind of expensive even just thinking about using it. 75cents to send sms, $1/minute to receive calls and $4/ minute or something like that to make calls. It is Australian number so not sure how much it might cost for you to send sms to it but the number is +61 4 0404 23 twenty.

    The world with no cell! :( so i made it last night at the church at 8:03 and waited till 8:38. Sorry some how we missed each other or there was some miscommunication on where to meet up?
    though the waiting time are you planning to do this weekly? if yes, it's schedule for a specific day or not?
    I was out to take a couple of photo's this evening, but nothing to much.

    Sunday night is my last night in Vienna, maybe if anyone would be interested in some night or day photography tomorrow.

    Sorry peeps, i have been feeling sick and working too long =(

    I have 2 more weeks in Vienna leaving on the A the 11th so i hope to go out a few more times but not this week. Im traveling to Germany again.

    I will give a heads up in a few days of some ideas and shoots and we can go from there.

    Also i found out my mistake =( there is a diff between elevator and escalator this whole time i meant escalator. I had no clue there was an elevator beside the church! fell very bad about that.....

    hope to see some of you in the next few weeks
    Hi all!

    time 20:02 when Wednesday the 4th, where Prater at the base of the ferris wheel. I will have my tripod and camera out so you will know who i am.

    Its going to be my last night doing this here in Vienna =( as im heading home after this.

    SO i thought a fun way to end this would be getting some long exposures at the Prater seen the rides are all out now.

    We can still do light painting also and any other ideas you would like to try out.

    To bring:-

    your camera
    and any props if you like
    and your happy face.

    Cheers, Adrian
    Hmm sounds fun but I have been to prayer for the said purpose. I may show up but not 100% sure .

    Where you would take the ride not the shop, great question, thank you.
    =( sorry Alice maybe next time =) hope to see a few of you out there tonight?
    sorry all, i was always thinking this is a great idea and really wanted to join, but i'm so busy lately... don't have time for almost anything... hope there will be more meetings like this in the future... :((
    To those who i got to meet and shoot with a HUGE thank you! It was fun from shooting in the rain, walking all over Vienna, having a real model =) to setting up our cameras and realizing some one forgot there battery at home =) (you know who you are).

    So very very sorry for the ones i said "meet at elevator" when i meant "escalator" dang it! We were so close and so far, my bad for sure very sorry.

    And for the ones i never got to meet, =( i hope our paths will cross at some point in life.

    I hope you all keep on shooting and rather take a walk and your camera then sit at home and watch tv at night =)

    This is my bowing out, i am off back to Seattle after being here 9-10 months in Vienna. Love it and loved what i learnt about shooting here. I will miss it and you guys.

    If you ever my side of the world look me up, i will be starting a photography walks over there with CS also.

    I meet some great people here who are really good at photography and hope if or when i come back i will be able to join you on some shoots.

    Thank you! Gracias!

    The world is a crazy, amazing place! See it, capture it, enjoy it.
    Albert, you should creat another topic in vienna group with the detail of the event. I think there are many people who are interested in photography and it's great to meet and share. My bf and I definitely gonna come ;)

    Albert, thank you very much for such a nice evening! We should have more events for photography topic!

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