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    Project Name: "Productive Sustainable Community"

    Context: The insecurity has accelerated this change, the quality of life in traditional human settlement.
    Idea: Develop a model of productive and sustainable human settlement, apt to changing weather conditions.
    This community model, will be self-managed, self-sufficient and sovereign power. Providing ongoing support and quality of life for its inhabitants.
    Main objective: to build a habitat that supports three families, or up to 12 people, with basic needs covered permanently regaining balance in a microclimate that is lost in the atmosphere.
    Work thirty (30) volunteers, under the overall coordination of Leonardo Jara, founder of Echo Movement, hired more staff in the areas suitable for structures, alternative energy, nurses.
    Secondary objective: Include the finished model in a circuit of eco tourism, educational tourism, in order to encourage visitors to participate in the construction of other similar habitats and life change towards sustainability.
    Selected Bioregion: Paraná Delta, Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This unique bioregion should be kept before the advance of human impact unconscionable, since it is part of the biosphere reserve and wetlands act as a natural absorbent of pollution from nearby cities.
    We have an area of 1880 square meters, within the first section of islands that comprise it, this site is also characterized by receiving thousands of tourists, of Buenos Aires, and the world, during the weekends. This is the social nexus, for public awareness on environmental issues.
    Target groups: Volunteers for construction.
    Volunteers for maintenance.
    Domestic and foreign visitors.
    Alumni workshops and courses.
    Families who wish to change their habitat.
    About us: Echo NGOs, was formed based on the life experiences of over 700 backpackers, who cross travez meeting, from different professions and countries participated in brainstorming sessions towards a common goal, think settlements human according to climate change, for different bioregions of the planet and different amounts of people, achieving physical, emotional and spiritual environments that ensure quality of life.
    Time: 90 Days between Diciembre2012, January and February 2013.
    Results: Short-term training of volunteers, and construction of experimental unit.
    Medium and long term visitor public awareness, environmental education center.
    Sustainability: Responsible production of goods and services.
    Circuit ecotourism education.
    Related events.
    Think tank and motivating visitors to build other models.
    Communication for obtaining volunteers: Echo Movement Facebook Group, Universities and other environmental organizations.

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