• Bonjour!

    I'm gonna be in Paris for New Year's Eve and I wonder if there are any cool parties to go to with lots of live music. Please let me know about it. Would be great to hang out with the locals since I don't know anybody in Paris!
    M looking for nic party too
    Also looking for some adventure on NYE and don't know a soul. My French is reasonable, though. Willing to team up with anybody to make the good times happen.
    Hola a todos! Hi everyone! I'm going to spend the New Year's Eve in Paris as well. I'm visiting some friends of mine but I'd really like to meet some local and to know more about some events going on during that time. Why don't we try to hook up all together for a great and international New Year's EVE?!?!?!?
    me too i'm going to paris for new year my phone 0032484932075 any proposition ???
    @hania : no reservation needed U come and enter : open space
    >>Ill be hopefully in paris from dec 30-jan 6th
    >>We are from egypt and we are travelling for leisure and shopping
    >>I wana enjoy it to the max
    >>If its possible, let me know to meet
    >>I would like to meet someone from the city basically :
    >>- make new friends
    >>- share travelling experience and culture

    do you decide where you will celebrate new year?
    i come to Paris on Saturday and will celebrate New Year in France too!
    maybe we could meet and have fun together...
    i m planning fr mix club ...any1 interested??
    Hey guys!
    Come on join us! we organize a diner+party in my big house, so you are all welcome. It will be an occasion to meet a new poeple from everywhere!
    Hope to see you and share this moment!

    I'm in Paris and don't have a plan for nye. It would be great if we could meet and celebrate it together:)
    Hi everyone I'm in Paris right now, and I want celebrate new year in here... but still dont have a plan....
    me and my boyfriend are also going to be in paris for nye. we want to go to montmartre, there's a party outside with artists and many young people. I'm just bothering how to get home because the metro doesn't drive after 2:00 or so , the busses will be overcrowded and the taxis will be booked up. any idea?
    come join us if you like our concept! we meet in my house to have a dinner from 8pm to 11pm, after the party will starts from midnight to 6am. everyone brings something to eat and drink! we are already 8 poeple and i can host 15/20 poeple maxi
    send me a PM if you need more information,
    for the NYE my plan is to go Trocadero front of the Eiffel Tower until midnight : there are lots of people, different groups of friends who come with their bottles of wine ... a cool atmosphere :)
    After midnight : with my friends we will go to a club at the aquarium of paris next to trocadero, the entrance is usually 20eur


    no need for reservation 10 euros at the door
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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.