• Hey everybody! I am new in Paris and i just would like to know some cool places in Paris like bars, clubs, some cafés or even interesting public places. But they should also be not that expensive ! thank you all for your help! (:

    Salut! Je suis nouveau à Paris et j'ai besoin de votre aide :D est-ce que vous connaissez des places magnifiques à Paris? comme des bars, clubs, cafés ou des places publics pas chers que on doit connaitre. Merci à tout! Et je suis désolée mon francais n'est pas très bien! :D
    Hello Za Rah,
    I suggest you eat a "Fondue Bourguignonne" (typically french) at the "La Brouette" and after a drink at "L'Antidote". You have to eat too a "Crèpe au Nutella Banana Coco" ;-) You can also try "La cave bourgogne" if you like big salad and good wine in the same street rue Mouffetard.
    Have a good stay.
    Magali =)
    thank you ! sounds good! :D
    hallo zarah, so u wellcome to paris, we can meet together if u want, to exchange and i can do the guid for ya , so, wainting your mssage, à très bientôt ;)
    Hi Za Rah ;)
    I've been in Paris for nearly two months now and I these are the places I quite like:
    Bar: Rue Oberkampf, especially L'International.
    Club: Rex and Social Club
    Places: I enjoy Parks and Boise de Vincennes is a beautiful one.
    Also enjoy the CS Partys on Monday and Wednesday for meeting internationals.
    ill be in paris wednesday, maybe we could explore together...

    If you are looking for alternative bar and restaurant I Suggest u to go to Menilmontant , Some bars at Parmentier ( Internationnal for free concert ) , If you like Posh discrit you can visit Le Marais and so on
    If you are free friday I can show my favorites Bar for regulars parisians

    Hi , im from paris , i can go with you to some nice place .
    You have to see at metro belleville :"les folies Belleville" , le "Café chérie"(if you want to dance) boulevard de la Villette, and if you want to eat: "La Cantine" boulevard de belleville( nice and cheapo
    Also at metro parmentier, a nice mexican cantine "Ave Maria"
    Rosa bonheur to dance before midnight, metro Botzaris, in the parc des Buttes-Chaumont
    For free concert try l'International Bar near menilmontant metro
    And finally the Bellevilloise, to Dance until 5
    Ok for the night club :
    If you like music house go to : Showcase (really cool place)
    If you like techno music go to : Social Club (people fucked but this club has the better artists...)
    If you like dubstep and dub: Glazar't (there is a fucking mess all the night!)
    If you like electro: Rex Club is pretty cool.
    Ah and in march "La machine du moulin rouge" has a fucking program! With sick artist !
    Or u can also try
    -Gibus for dubstep
    -"Le petit bain" and "Batofar" in same place for Electro/dub
    -Duplex and Mixclub for generalist music
    -"Le cirque bonheur" for masked club's
    -Pigaillon for minimal

    Sry for my english
    I confirm some already quote spot :
    "La Belleviloise"
    "Le Café Chéri"
    "Rosa Bonheur"

    And I add some adress :
    "Panicroom" for the atmosphere and the musical programming
    "114" because the entrance is free to all
    "Le Réservoir" mainly for the decor (music not bad)

    And no one says Le Wanderlust ? Free entry and a very good place to listen to good electro music and have fun
    Gibus is also for trans.
    Thank you everybody ! Sounds good :D
    "Le Café Chéri" ıs good but bellevılloıse ıs crowdy and expensıve, not at all what ıt used to be

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