• Salut á tous, high from Brussels!

    J'irai á Paris Wed/Mercredi March 13 pour Amon Tobin's amazing ISAM show (à Grande Halle de la Villette).

    I'm thinking of doing a full day trip - arrive in the early afternoon, maybe go to a nice bistrot pour un peu du bon vivant; chill out pre-event, some social voyeurism, watch Paris go by; walk, get lost, get found… maybe you can suggest something, somewhere…nothing touristy. Merci!

    Le meilleur, bien sûr, serait de rencontrer quelqu'un de l'esprit…and simply spend some quality time, get an early start on Paris au printemps. Je vais apporter un peu de soleil avec moi.

    Maybe you'd be into going together to the event? Mind-boggling sound & visuals, fun, laughter and synapse-melting stimulation guaranteed. I'm planning to have a Very. Good. Time. …

    Love & magik,
    Hi Michael,
    Since I wrote that passage you picked up on my profile, I've written and saved a list of restaurants I recommend:

    - Bouillon Chartier
    7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre (metro Grands Boulevards, l. 8 & 9) http://www.bouillon-chartier.com/
    Most traditional parisian cafeteria, in a room listed as a historical monument, and prices are near-unbeatable! So something you just can't miss! Of course the waiters are... "real parisians" :D but that's part of the experience! Just make sure you get there early - like 7PM at the latest - or you'll wait in line for an hour or more. Good thing is, they're open all day :)

    - Le bistrot des dames
    18 Rue des Dames, 75017 Paris (metro Place de Clichy, l. 2 & 13)
    Lots of fun stuff here - mostly french but also some pretty creative ideas... just pick randomly and let them surprise you :D
    OK I recommend a non-french dish, which on top of that is a "lady's dish"!!! the "mi-cuit de thon" which comes with a divine thaï salad :)
    Oh and I nearly forgot - really cute place! Labelled "most romantic terrace in Paris" in one paper, although you'll have to come back when the weather gets warmer to enjoy that...

    - L'authentique
    167 Rue de Vaugirard, 75015 (metro Pasteur, l. 6 & 12)
    Still real decent french food... Not quite as creative as they used to be, but still real good and pleasant atmosphere.

    - Pain vin fromage http://www.painvinfromage.com/fr/index.htm
    Like the name says... :D
    Fantastic experience of mountain dishes, definitely the right place for raclette, fondue savoyarde (or vigneronne, less common but definitely an experience!), and aligot.
    BUT, I've heard they can be a bit impolite on busy evenings, so make a reservation and make sure you're there on time :/
    The rooms downstairs are the best :)

    - Chez Gladines
    30, Rue des 5 Diamants (metro Place d'Italie, l. 5, 6 & 7)
    Cheap food from the Basque country (southwest of France and north of Spain), very busy and friendly atmosphere, open really late... a personal favorite :)

    - La cantine de Belleville
    108 Boulevard de Belleville (metro Belleville, l. 2 & 11)
    Cheap food, generous helpings

    - Je thé... me
    4 Rue d'Alleray, 75015 (metro Vaugirard, l. 12)
    Last french place on my list... never tried it but I heard and read good reviews about it - try it and tell me ;)

    - Lao Siam
    49 Rue de Belleville, 75019 (metro Belleville, l. 2 & 11)
    A thaï place that local asians go to. So not a tourist trap :)

    - Godjo
    8, rue de l'Ecold Polytechnique (metro Maubert-Mutualité, RER Cluny-la-Sorbonne, l. 10 & RER B) http://www.godjo.com/index_us.html
    Ethiopian place. If you're a party of at least six, they'll give you a table downstaris :) but you'll have to get there early or be patient, it's tiny and they're really not accurate with reservations :D
    The first 2 items on the menu are the meat mix and the veggie mix, and that's a real good start! The fish is also to die for!! But make sure you only drag open-minded people there.

    - authentic mexican places - a rarity in Paris: http://www.anahuacalli.fr/wsb3867822701/RMG.html
    Pfff... I'm hungry now.

    - Kagayaki
    79, bd Beaumarchais, 75, Paris (metro Chemin Vert, l.8 just north of Bastille)
    My favorite japanese place so far, although I know people who've tried more than I have... anyway, make sure you make a reservation to be seated in front of the chef, and try to share different menus in order to try everything (I remember by combining 2 of the menus you can cover pretty much the whole Teppanyaki range - which is the sole reason for going there!)

    - More generally for japanese food, it's "rue Sainte Anne" near metro Pyramides. And by the way, consider taking your family on line 14 and sitting at the very front or back - admit it, it's fun :)

    As for bars and clubs, too many to list right now (need to sleep!!!) but la Butte aux Cailles (metro Place d'Italie, l. 5, 6 & 7), Les Halles and Saint Michel (for bars and jazz clubs: "Sunside, Sunset", "Baiser Salé", "Duc des Lombards", "Caveau de la Huchette", etc.), but especially Bastille and Oberkampf! And of course the canal Saint Martin which is closer to where the concert hall is, in la Villette... in fact I especially recommend the Compoir Général!!!
    (80 quai de Jemmapes, metro République etc.)

    So I hope you do bring a bit of sunshine over... in fact, hope you make it over, *period* :D

    That's a fabulous list of recommendations – thank you for the effort and time you put into it :-). Several places catch my eye and I'll surely try them on future visits too.

    I'm leaving for Paris in a couple of hours, there is sunshine here in Bruxelles right now, I'll grab some for you. And I pm you my number in case you can make it to the gig this evening. Drinks on me,
    in appreciation,

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