• Salut à tous! Je m´appelle Cristina, j´ai 28 ans et je suis espagnole mais je vis à Suède maintenant. Je suis en train de planifier un voyage à Paris moi seul, de 22 à 28 mars. Cette serait mon première fois à Paris alors ce serait superbe si je pouvais trouver des personnes sympathiques qui peuvent être mon guide pour me montrer la ville: la tour eiffel, l´arc du triomphe, etc. Je suis désole pour mon pauvre français, je peux le parler juste un peu parce que je l´ai appris pendant deux mois seulment, mais j´essaie mon mieux et j´espère l´amélliorer à Paris! Mdr Je peux parler bien l´anglais aussi. J´espère vôtre répond! À bientôt!
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    SportOlympic commented on HEY SURFERS, TRAVELLERS - LET'S MEET IN PARIS
    Hey surfers, travelers coming from all over the world As you can see, there are a lot of surfers asking us if anyone is able to meet them for a walk and a drink, to show them Paris and so on ...Too much than we can not answer. But, courage. We too, along the year, we are here in this grey city where no one knowned no one, where during one month the sun appear only for 1 h ( who say the contrary I'll give him a bad point ). This city called CITY OF LOVE is in fact full of desperate men looking for a young and beautiful pussy to hunt. Or full of desperate women in their middle of freedom and self knowledge looking for a tall handsome rich intelligent and perfect mister Right to take them far away, for holiday, where the sun never come down and of course to pay all the bills. I confess that the same thing happened to other big and less big cities in the world but here, the phenomenon is quite too much, as we, Parisians, citizen of love, are too much. It's our specificity, our force and we are proud of it. Because of the special mood of Paris, when you come here, or live here, you will become too much like us. You can fall in love when you meet someone for the first time ( second time for me ). Take care. There also some marvelous persons ( not me, I'm a pussy hunter, be assured ) who can show you Paris, talk to you about everything, from the story, the shop, the Louvre, from the Monet's nenuphar to the french baguette...And they can walk with you during 5 h without a problem and always fresh and strong and ready to show ( not me, I have a big belly as stated here https://www.couchsurfing.org/n/threads/paris-ile-de-france-france-i-prefer-to-eat-than-to-drink-there-are-the-reasons-with-the-guests-especially-if-they-are-women-as-women-wan
    ) But for this kind of rare bird, you have to show your value, especially face value, I mean you have to write a full page about your life, your personnality to catch them. The gain merit a little bit a pain. Otherwise, rien, nothing, nichts, nada, niet. If you're a girl, for the proletarian class '' pussy hunter'', you need only to show your pictures, preferably not philosophic showing a graphic street in black and white like a scream movie ( I hate this kind of movies ) but in colorvision, not much draperies, appealling for the paradise.. If you're a man, you need to tell a funny and adventurous story, which with a little bit of imagination, the reader can smell the sand, the sun, the sea, the crocodile, the courage, the hero in your text. Then they will be generous for you. They will open their heart. Especially the women. Dont forget, funny and adventurous !!! Follow my advise, the success will be with you. Now, time to say Let's meet
    salut Cristina! ton français est très bien, et je serais ravie de t'accompagner dans ta découverte de paris une après midi ou deux. n'hésite pas à me contacter!
    Hola Cristina
    Que tal ? Ce serait une bonne idée que tu remplisses un peu mieux ton profil pour que les gens sachent qui tu es , ce que tu aimes ...
    Buena suerte

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